Why Do Kangaroos Play With Their Balls? hehe

Kangaroos can be seen in the lands of Australia. There are many kangaroos out there, jumping and playing in the woods. People in Australia are already used to seeing kangaroos. That is why some people there already know the reason behind every weird action kangaroos execute. 

One of the weird actions kangaroos do is playing with their balls. Some people already know the reason why kangaroos play with their balls, especially those who love to research animals just like me. So, for those who don’t know yet the reason why kangaroos play with their balls, let me give you an answer. 

Kangaroos don’t play with their balls. It seems like they do but it has a reason why they do this. The reason why kangaroos play or touch their balls is that it draws heat away. When overheating, male kangaroos sweat and will touch or lick their scrotum to remove the heat away from the skin and help cool their testes. 

Today, we will talk about kangaroos. We will talk about their balls or scrotum! Sounds weird. Right? But if you are an animal lover, you will love to add this information to your knowledge! So, if you are ready to know more about male kangaroos and their scrotum, let us proceed!

Is It Normal For Kangaroos To Play With Their Balls?

Yes! It is normal for male kangaroos to play, touch, or lick their balls. Like I have said above, kangaroos don’t actually play with their balls. It just seems like they are playing with their balls because of the way they touch them. 

When it seems like male kangaroos touch their balls, they actually scratch their balls. The reason why is to draw the heat away from the skin of their scrotum and help cool their testes. Male kangaroos will often do this kind of act during summer. 

So, if you see a male kangaroo and it seems like the male kangaroo is playing with his balls, the male kangaroo is actually scratching it and it is completely normal! I know that the way male kangaroos do it seems funny and rare but it is what it is. So, don’t panic if you see a male kangaroo execute this kind of act.

Why Do Kangaroos Balls Hang So Low?

The reason why kangaroos’ balls hang so low is to help keep their testicles cool. The skin of a male kangaroo’s scrotum is very thin. When they overheat, male kangaroos sweat and will lick their scrotum. If their balls do not hang so low, it will be very annoying for them because their balls stick with them while they sweat.

Do Male Kangaroos Have Balls?

Yes! Male kangaroos have balls, which is why they reproduce. The male kangaroo has a fur-covered pendulous scrotum that is retraced tightly against its body when hopping or having sex with a female kangaroo. 

The balls of male kangaroos usually dangle under their bodies and are pulled up against its body when required. The penis of male kangaroos is different compared to other animals. When flaccid, the penis of male kangaroos is retracted and safely tucked away into a preputial sac inside their cloaca. When they do sex, its erect penis protrudes out of its cloaca and curves forward and upwards.

How Do Kangaroos Mate?

So, how do kangaroos mate? Kangaroos have no fixed breeding period. They will have sex more often when the food around them is plenty. Kangaroos will not have sex if they have no enough food around them. 

Female kangaroos usually have one young kangaroo per year during the months of October to March. When a female kangaroo is in heat, the female kangaroo will exhibit a particular behavior signaling that she is ready to mate. While an interested male kangaroo will sniff her urine and approach her. 

Male kangaroos will sometimes fight over a female kangaroo. Of course, the dominant kangaroo or the strongest or also called alpha will usually win the fight. When the alpha kangaroo wins, he will mate the female kangaroo.

Final Words

When you see a male kangaroo play with his balls, it is completely fine. You have to also take note that the male kangaroos don’t actually play with their balls. It just seems like they are playing with their balls because of the way they do it but male kangaroos actually scratch their balls. They do this to avoid sweating when overheating.

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