Why Do Dogs Kill Cats Even When They Don’t Eat Them?

Dogs and cats are the two cute and cuddly creatures that we all love. We keep them in our houses and love them as if they were our relatives or families. These two cute creatures are also known to fight or hate each other. You might know some cartoon movies about dogs and cats fighting and hating each other. Right? There are plenty of movies and cartoons like that. 

Yes! Dogs and cats fight. They hate each other for some reasons like territory and dominance. Big dogs will kill a cat if they don’t know the cat. But, after killing the cat, will the dog eat the dead cat? No! So, what is the reason behind that? Why do dogs kill cats even when they don’t eat them? Let us find out!

The reason why dogs kill cats even when they don’t eat them is that dogs only enjoy the chase and killing. They don’t enjoy eating the prey they killed. If you will notice, dogs will only kill a rat and not eat them. Dogs are omnivore animals, not carnivorous animals. They will not eat foods that are freshly killed. 

Today, we will be talking about cats and dogs. We will talk about their very long hate from each other. I will also answer various questions related to our subject which will add up to your knowledge about dogs and cats. If you are ready, let us move on!

Why Do Dogs Kill Cats Even When They Don’t Eat Them?

I have already given you the answer above. However, there is a broader answer on why dogs kill cats even when they don’t eat them. That is what we will talk about here now! 

The instinct to chase, kill, and eat the prey is not one instinct that is packed. They are separated. The reason why is because predators must enjoy all three acts independently. Predators will chase a great many more things than they will kill and will kill more things than they will eat. Eating is not the reason why predators kill. Killing excites them. 

Dogs will kill cats if they don’t recognize the cats or if the cat is trespassing their territory. Dogs are very territorial animals. If somebody goes to their territory which they don’t recognize, they will bark and might bite the trespasser. 

Dogs will not eat cats but might kill them because it excites dogs if they kill smaller animals than them. Eating their prey doesn’t excite dogs. For them, eating a dead cat is gross. Dogs don’t like the meat of cats but they might eat a dead pig or cow because for them it is tasty. 

One of the core uses of dogs is hunting. We don’t like them to eat everything that they catch because we will be the ones eating it. This will not be useful for us if dogs will constantly eat what they hunt. That is why it is also good for dogs not to eat everything that they kill. 

Why Do Dogs Kill Cats?

The main reason why dogs kill cats is because of territorial-based aggression, stress, and poor socialization. In some rare cases, it can happen accidentally. Dogs are natural predators. If they kill a cat, this is because of their instincts as prey. 

If you have a cat and dog, you must make sure that they have a strong bond and they know each other. Because if not, your dog and cat might always fight each other and your dog might kill your cat. So, you must gradually introduce them to each other.

Do Dogs Kill Cats Always?

No. Not always. This happens not often and this usually happens to dogs and cats that don’t recognize each other or fight over territory. Also, the reason why this only happens rarely is that cats are clever and fast animals. They know what to do to avoid getting killed by dogs. Cats will go on the roof or tree to avoid the dog that chases them.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Chase Cats?

Yes! It is completely normal for dogs to chase cats. The reason why is because dogs have the instinct to chase smaller animals. That is how dogs are naturally. Dogs become less aggressive towards other animals because of evolution and humans. Dogs will naturally chase and kill a cat that they don’t know, especially if the cat trespasses their territory. 

Dogs that know the cat very well will not harm the cat even though it trespasses its territory. They will just play fight. However, dogs might still kill the cat in play fights because dogs are usually bigger than cats. So, if your cat and dog play, you must check them out to avoid this tragedy. 

Can You Stop A Dog From Killing Cats?

Yes! It is possible to stop a dog from killing cats. But how? By separation and containment. If your dog killed cats multiple times, it is best to keep your dog away from cats. You can put your dog in a wide area alone or a large kennel area. Also, always make sure to put your dog on the leash so that you can maintain control of him if you bring your dog outside.

Final Words

The main reason why dogs kill cats even when they don’t eat them is because of instincts. Dogs are aggressive naturally, which makes them chase and kill cats. However, even though dogs kill cats, they don’t eat cats because they hate the taste of the meat of cats. Dogs will only eat animals they killed if they like the meat of it.

Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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