Why Do Dogs Love Water But Hate Baths? (With Tips To Make Your Dog Like Baths!)

Do you have a dog that loves water but hates baths? What I mean about love water is the love of swimming in the pool or hanging out in the rain. So, do you have a dog that loves to swim or hang out in the middle of the street while raining but hates it when you take them to the bathroom for baths? Do you know the reason why? Here is the reason why!

Why do dogs love water but hate baths? The reason why your dog hates baths is not because of the water since your dog loves to swim or hang out in the rain. In this case, your dog hates baths because of the shampoo you use. Maybe because it smells bad, or they feel itchy after applying it to them. 

Below are the ten tips you can steal to make your dog love bath time and not just swimming or hanging out in the rain. Let us check them out!

How To Get Your Dog To Like Bath Time

It is essential not to get serious during bath time because if you are too serious, your dog will find it not fun and will most likely not love bath time. 

Below are the several tips you can do to make your dog like bath time and find it a fun experience of their lives!

Take A Nice Long Walk

Before going inside the bathroom, it is a good idea to take a nice long walk or exercise first. Dogs love to take a bath when they feel hot and exhausted after a tiring walk. 

Taking your dog outside for a walk is also a great way to bond with your dog. When you often bond with your dog, it will trust you more, which is essential if you want your dog to follow your bath schedule and rules. 

After a tiring walk or run, your dog will enjoy the lukewarm or cold water!

Bring Their Favorite Toy Always

To make bath time more exciting, it is a good idea to bring some of your dog’s favorite toys to the bathtub or shower area.

Let your dog play a little bit before you turn on the water. By doing this, you are ensuring if your dog is in a good mood. If your dog seems to be in a good mood, turn on the water and show your dog the brush and soap your dog will be using. 

Use The Power Of Treats

Treats are powerful stuff to make your pets love, trust, and follow you!

When you take your dog inside the shower room, make sure you bring some of his/her favorite treats too. Put the treats on the table where your dog can see them but not reach them. 

If your dog does something you like inside the bathroom, give him/her a treat so that your dog will know that doing such a thing will get him/her some treats. Otherwise, ignore your dog until he/she does what you commanded them to do. 

Make The Water Temperature Comfortable

Every dog is different. Some dogs love lukewarm water, while some love cold water. The best way to know what temperature of water your dog wants is to test it. 

Introduce lukewarm and cold water to your dog. If your dog seems not to like the current temperature, adjust it until your dog likes it. 

Also, never spray the shower on your dog from the beginning of the bathing session. Start by putting some water to the bottom of the tub. If you don’t have a tub, try pouring the feet of your dog first. When you do this, your dog will not get shocked and know what will happen next.

Use The Right Shampoo And Brush

The reason why dogs love water but hate baths is because of the wrong shampoo and brush owners use! Many dogs will not go inside the tub because the shampoo is smelly or the brush hurts them. 

It is essential to pick the right shampoo your dogs love. However, it is hard to choose the right one. You have to test different shampoos to see what your dogs like. The brush you use must also be comfortable for your dog. That is why it is also essential to test different brushes and see what your dogs love. 

Start Them Young

The best way to make your dog like bath time is to start them young. Plenty of dog owners never execute this.

Some dog owners assume that their puppies are adjusting well to bath time when their puppy is just standing and shaking in fear during bath time. If your puppy is not relaxed during bath time, you might have problems when your puppy grows up. 

Start making bath time happy while your dog is still a puppy. They will instill inside their head that bath time means fun time, and they will bring that mindset until they grow up! 

Let Your Dog See You Taking Bath

You should not shower with your dog because it will become a total mess when you try it. You might slip on the floor because your dog and your dog needs other types of soap and shampoo than you. 

However, you can take your dog inside the bathroom with you while you are in the tub or shower area. When your dog sees you taking a bath, your dog will realize that it is not a scary idea to take a bath. You can also give your dog some treats while you are inside the shower to let them know what is happening inside the room.

Never Rush

It is where most dog owners get stuck. They schedule the bath time of their dog along with their busy schedule that causes them to rush their dog to take a bath. It is not a good thing to execute. 

You need to schedule your dog’s bath time on the day where you are free. Find the right time where you can relax and focus on your dog solely. Rushing your dog to take a bath might cause injuries and trauma to your dog.

Never Bathe Your Dog If You Have No Energy

You should never bathe your dog if you have no energy at the moment. It is essential that you do it at a time where you have enough energy to make it until the end of the bath time.

You need to have lots of patience during your dog’s bath time, and you can’t get that patience if you are exhausted. Dogs are like kids, and they can sense your mood. They know if you are pissed off or not. It will be easier to handle your dog if you are in a good mood.

Make Sure The Tub Is Not Slippery

Another reason why your dog loves water but hates baths is because of the sensory experience. Dogs hate bathing in a tub, shower stall, or sink because they feel unsteady because it is slippery and wet. 

Before you begin the bathing session of your dog, put a mat or towel on the floor of your bathtub to prevent your dog from slipping side to side. Your dog will feel more secure if you execute this strategy.

Related Questions

Why do dogs hate being wet? The reason why your dog hates being wet is that they are not used to getting wet. Dogs may also pick up their hate for water because of their owners. 

Do dogs really need baths? Dogs only need to get a bath when they smell. You don’t have to bathe your dog every week unless they jump into mud or something that makes them dirty. 

Do dogs understand baths? Many dogs tolerate baths even though they really don’t like them. Dogs can distinguish bath from swimming because of the shampoo and other stuff. The reason why they don’t like baths is not because of water but because of how owners execute it. 

Final Thoughts

Your dog does not hate baths, but your dog hates the process of taking a bath! They hate the shampoos, brush, and soap, not the water. If your dog loves water but hates baths, there is something wrong with what you are doing or the product you bought. 

To prevent this from happening, make sure that you follow my tips listed above and buy the right shampoos and tools for your dog. Make sure to test everything to know what your dog likes. Test the shampoo, soap, and brush. If it seems they are not liking the bath because of one of these things, change it immediately. 

However, if your dog is also afraid of the water, it is a different topic. The reason why your dog hates water is that they are not used to it. If your dog hates water, it will be hard for them to love baths. Because usually dogs that love water, love baths but may also hate it because of some reasons I have told you above.

Source: petmd.com, animalhow.com

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