Why Do Hamsters Explode? The Truth!

There are lots of questions on the internet about hamsters. One question most hamster owners ask, which might sound silly at first, is why do hamsters explode? Yes! Many people think this question is silly. However, this question is a good one because the answer is beneficial for hamster owners

This question stuck with me, and I decided to research this.

Hamsters explode when they have undetected tumors inside them that grow too large for the small body of your pet hamster. Also, your hamster might explode when you put your pet hamster inside the microwave. Of course, you don’t want that to happen. 

You should never put your pet hamster inside the microwave. This is cruel! People think that hamsters will explode because of overeating. However, this can not happen! This is a wrong theory. However, it does not mean you should allow your pet hamster to overeat. 

So, hamsters can explode. No owner wants to see their pet hamster explode. The best way to avoid this is to know as much as possible about this. Let us dig deeper at why this can happen and how you can avoid it.

Can Hamsters Explode?

Yes! Your pet hamster can actually explode. I know that this question might sound absurd. However, this question has been asked by many hamster owners on the internet. That is why I decided to answer this and post it on my website since there is no good answer to this question. 

The reason why your pet hamster might explode is when they have tumors inside them that grow too large. Remember, your pet hamster is only small. Having a tumor that has the same size as your pet hamster inside your pet hamster is very dangerous. If this happens, your pet hamster will explode like a bomb. 

Aside from that reason, there is another reason why hamsters explode. The next reason why hamsters explode is if you place them inside the microwave. I know this sounds weird because no hamster owner will execute this. But I am just telling you because you might forget to lock the cage of your hamster and they suddenly get out and enter inside your microwave. 

Reasons Why Hamsters Explode

Reasons Why Hamsters Explode

There are two main reasons why a hamster could explode, let’s dive in a little closer, but first, let me entice you with something uniquely memorable…

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Now, in addition to cherishing your hamster memories, let’s delve back into the critical topic of hamster health and the reasons behind the seemingly unusual question, “Why do hamsters explode?” Understanding the potential dangers and taking preventive measures is crucial for responsible hamster owners.

There are two primary reasons why a hamster might explode, as explored in detail below.

Hamsters Explode Due To Tumors

The first reason why hamsters explode is if they have a tumor. If your pet hamster has a malignant tumor that grows constantly, it may grow too large for the body of your pet hamster. This is very painful for your pet hamster and very fatal as well. 

That is why it is essential to learn more about tumors in hamsters and other pocket-sized pets. Tumors are common in small animals like hamsters and guinea pigs. It is essential to recognize the signs of a tumor to execute the right thing. 

As mentioned above, tumors are common in hamsters and other pocket-sized pets. However, the good thing is that the tumors are mostly benign. Benign tumors do not spread throughout the body, unlike malignant tumors. They are localized and have no major impact on your hamster’s health. 

Hamsters can get different kinds of tumors. Like I have said, most tumors hamsters get are benign. That is why they are not a big danger for your pet hamster. Only 5% of tumors in hamsters are malignant. The common location of tumors in hamsters is in their adrenal glands near their kidneys. Sometimes, it can be in the lymph glands, uterus, brain, eyes, hair, and fat. 

You must know if your pet hamster has a tumor. However, it can be hard since the symptoms of a tumor in hamsters may show depending on the type, severity, and location of the tumor. Some tumors may be visible on the skin, while another tumor may show inside the uterus. 

Your pet hamster has tumors if your pet hamster is experiencing depression, faintness, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. If your hamster shows some of these symptoms, you should go quickly to the veterinarian. Diagnosing and treating the tumor as early as possible is essential to avoid your hamster from exploding. 

The usual way to remove the tumor inside your hamster’s body is by surgery. Your vet will surgically remove the tumor to prevent it from spreading in the body of your pet hamster. If you have detected the tumor inside your hamster’s body early, the chances are high that your pet hamster will fully recover. 

However, some tumors cannot be treated. If the tumor is already too advanced, it cannot be treated. In this case, your vet will give you some meds to lessen the pain your pet hamster feels. Therefore, you must go to your local vet if you sense that your pet hamster has a tumor. 

Hamsters Explode When Placed Inside The Microwave

The next main reason hamsters explode is when they are put inside the microwave. Let me clarify: You should never put your pet hamster or other living things in the microwave! That is very cruel, and you can go to jail if someone catches you. 

Microwaves heat water molecules. Like humans and other animals, hamsters have water molecules inside them. That is why a microwave would heat the water inside the hamster, making its blood and other fluids boil. 

Hot water expands, but a hamster head cannot. After a while, a hamster’s head would explode in the microwave. Your pet hamster would probably die before its head explodes. It is very terrible. So, whatever happens, never put a living animal inside the microwave. 

Can Hamsters Explode When They Overeat?

Can Hamsters Explode When They Overeat?

Let me answer this question honestly. So, the answer to this question is no. Hamsters don’t explode when they overeat. However, it does not mean that overeating is a good idea. Overeating in hamsters has health risks.

Why Do Hamsters Overeat?

Hamsters overeat for lots of reasons. The reason why our pet hamster overeats is the same as the reason why humans overeat. Some of us eat too much food when we feel stressed or bored, and some eat too much food when there is plenty of food in front of them. The same is true for our pet hamsters. 

Some of the main reasons why hamsters overeat are:

  • Stress: Hamsters react to stress just like humans. Scientists have found that young hamsters overeat later in their lives when placed in older hamsters’ cages. Hamsters don’t like to live with other hamsters. This makes them stressed, especially if they live with a more prominent and dominant hamster. 
  • Boredom: The next reason why hamsters overeat is because of boredom. Bored hamsters tend to grab a snack or two. Hamsters need to become busy so they will not eat lots of food. They should have some wheels inside their cage. 
  • Too much food: Hamsters naturally hoard food. If you give your pet hamster too much food, it will hoard it for later. If you put too much food in your hamster’s bowl, it will take the opportunity to overeat. 

Risks Of Overeating In Hamsters

Yes! There are risks when our pet hamsters tend to overeat. This is very harmful to your pet hamster. Below are the risks of overeating in hamsters:

  • Obesity: Hamsters that overeat often will become obese. Your obese hamster is not yet in danger of exploding. However, being overweight will hurt their health. 
  • Digestive illnesses: If your pet hamster overeats, it might develop an illness inside its digestive system. Overeating will hurt your hamster’s digestive tract. This can cause severe health problems. 
  • Heart problem: Overeating in hamsters can also cause heart problems. This is the same as when humans are obese. These heart problems can reduce the life expectancy of your pet hamster. 

Final Verdict

So, hamsters explode if they have tumors inside them that grow too large than their body size and if they wander inside the microwave. Your pet hamster will never explode if it overeats. However, overeating can cause other health problems that can kill your pet hamster.

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