Why Does My Hamster Stare At The Wall? Awesome Reason!

Hamsters are one of the cutest pets that you must have! They are affectionate, cute, cuddly, smart, and intelligent. Hamsters do many unusual things that owners that are not yet experienced cannot understand. Even the adept ones! There are some unusual things that even an adept or experienced owner cannot grasp. 

One of the unusual things hamsters do is staring. Yes! Hamsters love staring! Hamsters may stare at you, at your goldfish, dog, cats, and birds outside. They do this because of curiosity. However, hamsters can also stare at the wall, and sometimes it can take hours! What is the reason behind this? Is this also part of the curiosity of hamsters? Here, let me tell you!

It looks like your hamster is staring at the wall, contemplating all of the things it has done or the meaning of life. However, the real reason why your hamster stares at the wall are because of curiosity. Hamsters are curious creatures. They love to stare at something for a long time if they find it fascinating. 

However, aside from curiosity, there are other reasons why hamsters stare at the wall, which we will talk about later on. Also, I will tell you how intelligent hamsters are and how curious they are. Lastly, I will answer various questions related to our subject. This article will give you a bright answer about why your hamster stares at the wall. If you are ready, let us move on!  

Reasons Why Your Hamster Stare At The Wall

Like I have mentioned above, the main reason why your pet hamster stares at the wall is because of curiosity. However, there are other reasons why your hamster stares at the wall. Let us check them out!

Your Hamster Is Chewing On Something

The first possible reason why your hamster stares at the wall are because your hamster is busy chewing something and just accidentally faces the wall. When hamsters eat, their focus will solely be on it. If you try to bother them while they are chewing on something, your pet hamster will ignore you and continue chewing. 

Hamsters love to eat different foods. They love to eat veggies, fruits, herbs, hay, nuts, pellets, and eggs. When a hamster finds something tasty, they will chew on it until they can swallow it. Also, the purpose of their long-time chewing on their food is to digest the food they intake properly. 

You have to check on your hamster while they are chewing. Why? Because, sometimes, your pet hamster might be chewing something dangerous for a hamster. Remember, hamsters are curious animals. If they find things that are enticing and look tasty for them, they will try to chew them. 

Thinking About Something

Aside from curiosity, your hamster might be staring at the wall because your pet hamster is thinking about something. Hamsters have brains. That is why hamsters are capable of thinking or ruminating something inside their tiny heads. If your pet hamster is ruminating on something, it will ignore you and will stare at the wall.

What Does Your Hamster Think When They Stare At The Wall?

This question has many possible answers, but the answers are not exact. Why? Because we are not hamsters. How can we know what they are thinking? However, the possible things that your pet hamster think when they stare at the wall are:

  • You
  • What to eat later
  • The food they have intake last time
  • What to do later
  • Predators
  • How to survive
  • Where to find food

Yes! It is possible for your pet hamster to think about you, especially if your hamster is already close to you. Your pet hamster can still think of you even if you are not close to each other. They might think what are you going to do with them. 

Hamsters are prey animals. That is why it is normal for them to think about how to survive and how to avoid predators. If your pet hamster sees your cat or dog, they might stop for a moment, staring at your cat or dog, and think what to do to avoid your cat or dog. Hamsters need to be cautious and think carefully about how to survive because they are very little and vulnerable to predators.

How Intelligent Are Hamsters?

Hamsters are small creatures. That is why sometimes we think that hamsters are stupid. However, this is not true. 

Hamsters are intelligent creatures that can learn their name. If you talk with your hamster constantly every morning and call your hamster by its name, they might even know how to come to you when you call them. 

Hamsters can do many things that are unusual and unbelievable for us humans. However, even though hamsters can be pretty intelligent, hamsters are still not smarter than dogs or cats. The brain of cats and dogs are bigger than hamsters. That is why it is obvious that hamsters are not smarter than dogs or cats.  

Are Hamsters Curious?

Yes! Hamsters are curious animals. They are very inquisitive creatures that are full of curiosity and will constantly explore their surroundings. However, while hamsters are exploring their surroundings they keep their ears perked up and alert. That is why if you see your pet hamster with its ears laid back against its head, it usually means trouble. 

Why Does Your Hamster Stare At You Always?

Aside from staring at the wall, your pet hamster might also stare with you. That stare may be unusual and cute. However, what is the reason behind it?

The reason why your pet hamster stares at you is that they are saying something. Sometimes, your pet hamster will stare at you if their food or water bowl is empty. However, there are other reasons why your hamster stares at you, and I have made an article solely about that here

Final Verdict

Your pet hamster is staring at the wall because they are curious. However, aside from that, your pet hamsters can also stare at the wall accidentally while chewing on something. Sometimes, your pet hamster may be ruminating something that is why they are staring at the wall. Whatever the reason your hamster stares at the wall, this is normal, and you have nothing to worry about.

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