Can Scorpions And Tarantulas Live Together?

Keeping dangerous pets became a trend worldwide. Tarantulas and scorpions are the two species that most pet owners that love dangerous pets keep. However, have you ever wondered if tarantulas and scorpions can live together? When I go to forums, I always read this question. That is why I decided to research it. 

So, can scorpions and tarantulas live together? No. Tarantulas and scorpions should be housed alone because they are both cannibalistic and may kill each other if they live in the same terrarium. In the wild, these two species are mortal enemies. So it is obvious why not keep them together. 

It is possible to keep scorpions and tarantulas together. However, one of them will never last so long. If the tarantula is bigger, it will effortlessly slaughter the scorpion. And if your scorpion is very poisonous, expect that your tarantula will be cold tomorrow. 

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Differences Between Tarantulas And Scorpions

Tarantulas and scorpions are the two species that are most feared by humans. Of course, except the people that love to keep them as pets. 

Both of these creatures are classified as arachnids, and they both possess eight legs. Tarantulas and scorpions have two body segments. They also both have the same behavior and habits. Tarantulas and scorpions are both little predators, and both of them love to eat insects. 

However, even though they have some similarities, tarantulas and scorpions still have differences, which we are going to check right now! So if you are ready to know their differences, let us proceed! 


Can Scorpions And Tarantulas Live Together

Tarantulas have a different appearance compared to scorpions. Tarantulas are often dull brown or black, while some species are colored or striped, which I find fascinating. They have hairy legs and bodies. 

Tarantulas are nocturnal hunters, which means they hunt during the night. It is a good thing for them to hunt because their predators are already asleep during that time. So no one will interrupt their hunting. 

Tarantulas love to eat insects. Larger tarantulas usually eat other spiders, small lizards, snakes, and even frogs! Tarantulas are like most of the terrorists in this world. They ambush their prey! After catching their prey, they will bite their prey. Their fangs release venom that kills their target. 

When it comes to defending themselves, tarantulas have an interesting way of defending themselves from their predators. Tarantulas have hair on their abdomens that have sharp little barbs. When someone attempts to attack them, tarantulas will rub these hairs with their legs and shoot them at their predator. 

Tarantulas live in desert and grassland areas where dry, and well-drained soils are abundant. North American tarantulas are ground dwellers, while some other species of tarantulas usually live in trees, cliffs, caves, crops, and even inside your house. 


Can Scorpions And Tarantulas Live Together

Scorpions have a different appearance compared to tarantulas. Scorpions are eight-legged arachnids that look like small lobsters that have a pair of pincers and thin tails that curve over their back. 

Spiders use their fang to release their venom. However, scorpions have a different way to do it. Scorpions use their pincers to catch their prey. After successfully catching their prey, they will arch their tail over their body to touch their prey with their stinger and inject their venom. Sometimes scorpions will inject many times until their prey is dead. 

Like tarantulas, scorpions also eat insects. Aside from that, they also eat small spiders, centipedes, and even other scorpions that are more vulnerable. Larger scorpions will eat lizards, snakes, and even rodents. They don’t like the taste of fruits and veggies. They are mainly carnivorous. 

Now, how do scorpions defend themselves from their predators? When predators attack the scorpion, the scorpion can choose to use either its pincers or its deadly stinger to protect itself. 

Some scorpions have weak pincers, which is why they usually use their stinger. However, larger species of scorpions have large pincers that can cause serious injury to their predators and prey. The pinch force and venom strength depend on the species. 

Scorpions live in many types of habitats. Most scorpions will choose to live in deserts and semi-arid regions. Scorpions might be hiding under logs, rocks, boards, and clutter, and some of them live on bushes and walls. 

Scorpions and tarantulas have some differences, especially in their appearances. But even though they have a similar appearance, these two species are surely both dangerous for other animals and can also be dangerous for humans. 

The power of their sting depends on species. Some tarantula and scorpion species have a weak sting that will hurt a human but it is not deadly. However, some are poisonous and if you ever are bitten by these species, always seek immediate medical attention to avoid death.

If They Can’t Live Together, Can I Keep Two Tarantulas Or Scorpions Together?

If you should not have a scorpion in a terrarium with a tarantula, you definitely should not house two scorpions or two tarantulas together. Do you know the reason why you should not execute that? 

Because, as I have said, both tarantulas and scorpions are predators and carnivores. They love to eat each other and other smaller prey. Also, both species are solitary animals. They live alone, they hunt alone, they eat alone. Tarantulas and scorpions don’t like the idea of hanging out with their own species. 

They will only find other tarantulas or scorpions to be with during the mating season. If it is not mating season yet, they are better off alone and thrive. They are introverts!

All species of scorpions and tarantulas are naturally cannibalistic. It is in their biology. Some scorpions and tarantulas will eat their own kind. Usually, dominant scorpions and tarantulas prey on their own species that are vulnerable and weak. 

It is not a good idea to keep two tarantulas or scorpions in one cage because you will just waste your money and effort setting up their habitat. 

Aside from being carnivores, another problem you might face when you put two tarantulas or scorpions together is the establishment of dominance that may result in feeding problems. 

One of the tarantulas or scorpions is gonna establish its Alpha status in the cage and will be the one eating all of the food you give. Because of this alpha mentality, the weak scorpion or tarantula will probably eventually starve, which is not good. 

However, some species of scorpion and tarantula can live together. You need to pick those species if you want to keep two tarantulas or scorpions in the same tank. However, it does not guarantee that one of them will not act like an alpha male and bully the other one. In every group, there is surely a dominant one. 

Who Would Win In A Fight, Tarantula, Or Scorpion?

If you put a tarantula and a scorpion in a cage for one-on-one fighting, the winner depends on the size, venom, and speed. 

The smaller the scorpion, the stronger its venom. These little guys have strong venom that can kill large prey like rodents. However, even though you put these guys in the cage, it does not mean they are sure to win because speed is still a factor. 

When it comes to speed, even the fastest scorpion species have no match against tarantulas. The orange tree spiders are one of the fastest tarantulas in the world. Aside from them, other tarantulas are exceptionally fast. These tarantulas are not just fast, but also venomous!

Another factor we should look upon is aggression. Naturally, scorpions are much more aggressive compared to tarantulas. They are docile and easily tamed. Even the orange tree spiders that are fast and venomous are not aggressive. In fact, they are shy. 

It is hard to tell who will be the winner unless you try it, which I definitely don’t support. But if you are curious and want to try it, pick the best fighter from both species. However, even if you already picked the best fighter, it is still hard to know who will win.

Final Words

Scorpions and tarantulas cannot live together because they are both carnivores, predators, and solitary animals that love to be alone. If you keep both of them in the same cage, sooner one will die, usually, the weaker one will die. So if you want to keep a scorpion and a tarantula make sure to keep them in separate terrariums.


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