Do Cats Get Tired Of Meowing? Yes Or No?

Do you have a noisy cat? If yes, have you ever wondered why your cat meows so much? Well, meowing is usual for cats. It is their way to seek attention from you, ask for food or water, and their only way to alarm you if they get stuck in a room. However, do cats run out of energy if they meow too much? Here, let me answer that.

Do cats get tired of meowing? Your cat will meow if he/she seeks attention or asks for food. Your cat will constantly meow until they get what they want or if they get tired of meowing. But after getting tired of meowing, your cat will rest a little bit and will meow again to get your attention. 

However, there are other things you can learn about this topic. We are going to tell you the different reasons why your cats meow. After that, we will give you tips on how you can stop your cat from meowing excessively. 

Do Cats Get Tired Of Meowing

10 Reasons Why Cats Meow

Before we proceed to the tips on how to stop a cat from excessively meowing, let us first check the reasons why your cute cat meows.

Meowing As Communication

The first reason why your cat meows is that it is their way to communicate with you or with another cat, and it’s not a surprise. If you have multiple cats in your house, expect lots of meowing!

Also, if your cat saw a stray cat or cat from your neighbor, your cat will meow to say hello or to say to that other cat that this is my territory. 

When you come home from work or school, you notice that your cat will start meowing at you once you enter the house. It is their way to greet “hi” to you.

Your cat can also say hi to you by meowing when you see each other in the house. Your cat may also say “hi” by meowing to your friend if you brought one into your home. 

Alarm Or Fear

Your cat may also meow because he/she is scared. It is usual behavior for cats, but if your cat seems to be scared of everything, you have to take some action. 

It is also the reason why your cat meows during bedtime. When you enter your room to sleep, and your cat suddenly meows after you close the door, it means that your cat is scared to be alone outside. Your cat wants to come inside your room. 

Seeking Your Attention

If you are a parent, you probably know how children act when they are not getting enough attention from you. Right? It is the same with your cats. 

If you are always busy working or studying and you spend less time with your cat, this could be the reason why your cat keeps meowing at you. Your cat tries to get your attention!

Your cat will talk to you because it wants your attention, and they learn that meowing gets the attention they want from you. Cats desire to get your attention because they want to initiate play, petting, or to get you to talk to them. 


It happens to cats that have no cat friends. Single cats who are very close to their owners are prone to loneliness and boredom. 

Your cat will constantly meow when you go outside the house for work or if you go to bed to sleep. This constant meowing will continue until you get home, let your cat inside your room, or get tired of meowing.

If you do not play with your cat or your cat has no toys, your cat might start meowing to give themselves something to do. That is why it is better to get another cat or buy toys for your cat to avoid boredom and loneliness. 

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Do Cats Get Tired Of Meowing

Asking For Food Or Water

The other reason why your cat meows is because he/she is asking you for more food or if his/her water bowl is empty. 

Your cat will meow continuously if he/she is hungry or thirsty. If your cat has a meal schedule, your cat will probably know it. And if you forgot that it’s time for dinner, your cat will tell you that by meowing constantly. Cats know how to remind their families if their families forgot their mealtimes. 

Your cat might also meow at you when you enter the kitchen, hoping that you will give them some food you are cooking. Some cats may also meow at you and wake you up in the morning to tell you that it is time for breakfast. 

Asking To Let In Or Out

Your cat will meow at you to get what they want. If your cat likes to go outside the house, your cat will learn to meow at the door. And, if your cat is out and wants to come in, he/she will meow until you open the door. 

If you want your cat, that is used to going outside, to stay indoors exclusively, you should expect a period of endless meowing at doors and windows. This change may be difficult with your cat. So be patient! It may last for weeks or even for months for the meowing to stop. 

To Find A Mate

If your female cat is five to six months and does not stop meowing, your cat might be in heat. Female cats that are in heat have loud meows. Their sound could be a sound of a cat that is in pain. Your female cat’s loud meow will accompany super affectionate and other odd behavior. 

If you have a male cat and meows so much, your male cat may be smelling or hearing a female cat in heat. Your male cat will meow endlessly throughout the time the female cat stays in heat. Female cats do these loud meows to get attention and let the male cats know that they are ready for mating. 

You have nothing to do with this because this is nature unless you castrate your male cat or spay your female cat. 

Do Cats Get Tired Of Meowing

Pissed Off

Cats that are pissed off or angry will often have a screaming match or called yowling. Two cats may yowl at each other because they may be fighting over a female or to defend a territory. If no one humbles itself, the two yowling cats may fight. Check the video below about the two cats yowling at each other:


According to researchers, cats who are stressed may become more vocal than usual. It means that they meow a lot when they are stressed. 

Your cat may meow a lot when you take your cat inside the car on the way to the vet, or if you have multiple cats and the dominant cat bullies your submissive cat. Some cats may also get stressed if they are new in your home. 

The Cat Is Hurt

A cat that meows a lot can also be hurt. If your cat meows so much than usual, take your cat to the vet for a checkup. The non-stop meowing of your cat may indicate that there is something wrong with them. It could be a dental problem or digestive disorders. 

Older cats tend to become less vocal. However, they may still meow a lot if they are hurt. As cats get old, they are prone to various disorders like overactive thyroid and kidney disease, and either of the two may cause constant meowing. 

How To Stop Excessive Meowing In Cats?

I know that you are excited to know the tips to stop your cat from meowing excessively. Now that we have shown you different reasons why your cat meows, let us move to the ways to stop excessive meowing. 

Many resources on the internet would help you, but let us go over the basics here.

Reward A Good Behavior

Your cat will create a habit of meowing loud whenever it’s hungry if you give it food or reward it if it cries. To reduce or stop this kind of behavior, try to ignore your demanding cat and wait until it is quiet to feed it. 

You have to focus on rewarding your cat’s good behavior. It will train your cat to focus on doing things that will get him/her a yummy snack. Never shout at your cats because it will create separation between you and your cat. Instead, do it patiently. 

Spend Time With Your Cat

The next thing you want to do to stop excessive meowing from your cat is spend enough time with them. Like I have said, your cat will meow at you endlessly to get your attention. It usually happens when you do not spend enough time with your cat.

Spend time with your cat by playing with them, petting them, and talking to them if they are meowing at you. Responding to the meows of your cat will tell your cats that you are listening to them.

Cats are somehow solitary animals. But even though they are solitary animals, they still crave their owner’s attention. 

Make Sure Your Cat Is Healthy

Like I have mentioned above, your cat may have some illnesses, which is why your cat is excessively meowing. Your cat may have developed deafness or cognitive dysfunction.

If you notice some odd things happening to your cat and your cat meows continuously, make sure to bring your cat to the vet immediately. 

Feed your cat some healthy foods to keep your cat healthy. Give them some natural foods, not just cat foods which are considered preservatives. Natural foods like steamed chicken, fish, and pork are essential. 

Feed Your Cat On Time

Like I have said, one reason your cat meows is that it reminds you that it is already mealtime. To prevent your cat from meowing loud and endlessly, make sure you feed your cat on time. Also, make sure that what you give them is enough, not make them hungry for the next five to eight hours.

Make Sure They Have Water

The next thing you need to do to stop your cat from meowing endlessly and loudly is to make sure that they have water on their bowl. Cats will meow constantly if they are thirsty and found out that they have no water in their bowl. 

Meowing is their only way to tell you that they do not have water. Check on their water bowl often. Cats can survive three days without food but not without water. 

Always Open The Doors

Your cat will constantly meow if they get stuck in your room or bathroom. Always open the door so that your cat can roam freely around your house. However, make sure also that all dangerous things are kept safe away from your cat.

Buy Toys For Your Cat

Like I have said above, constantly meowing may be triggered by boredom. Buy some toys for your cat to keep it accompanied and busy. Or, if you have enough money to take care of multiple cats, get your cat a friend. It will make your cat busy and enjoy his/her life every day.


Your cat can get tired of meowing. Your cat meows because they need attention, food, water, or if your cat is hurt. Always pay attention to what your cat wants to tell you. If you notice some peculiar things happening from your cat and it meows excessively, bring your cat to the vet as soon as possible.


Marian Haaz
Marian is a cat adoption expert. She has rescued and adopted several cats herself and helped find homes for dozens of stray cats and dogs.
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