Why Are Pigs Clean Animals? (Myth About Dirty Pigs)

When we all hear the animal that is called a pig, the first thing that comes into our mind is dirt. Some people consider pigs as dirty animals, and they never eat one. Because of these people, many are getting infected with the same thinking that pigs are dirty and filthy.

Yes! Pigs may look dirty because they love to wallow in mud, but their mud-wallowing behavior has a purpose. It is a complete myth that pigs are filthy animals. In fact, pigs are cleaner than your cats and dogs. Why are pigs clean animals? Here is the answer: 

Why are pigs clean animals? According to science, pigs are unable to sweat. They wallow in mud instead to cool themselves. Their filthy appearance after wallowing in mud gives the pig a negative reputation. In reality, pigs are some of the cleanest animals. They never evacuate their bowels near their living or eating areas. 

There are other things you can learn about this topic. We are going to talk about how clean pigs are and answer various questions related to our subject. Also, I am going to give you eight amazing facts about these so-called filthy animals. If you are ready to learn the truth about pigs, let us keep moving! 

Why Do Some People Consider Pigs As Filthy Animals?

Pigs are adorable, smart, and nice animals. They are not as dirty as you think. People consider pigs as filthy animals because of their appearance after they wallow in the mud. However, this is a myth! Even though pigs wallow in mud, they are still considered clean animals because of their cleanliness attitudes.

Pigs only eliminate their poop where it is wet. If there is mud or water near them, the pig will only choose to eliminate their poop in that certain area. That is why if there is mud or water everywhere, pigs will eliminate their poop everywhere. After that, they will roll in it that makes them look disgusting and filthy. 

However, if you put a small area that is wet near the pig, they will only eliminate their poop in that certain area. Pigs don’t poop in their sleeping or eating area unless their spot has water or mud. Pigs don’t actually enjoy rolling around their own poop. 

Another reason why people perceive pigs as filthy and dirty animals is because of what they eat. Pigs are omnivorous animals. That is why they will eat whatever nutritious food they see. It means that pigs will eat undesirable food that most people think is disgusting, like dead things and decayed stuff.

Another reason why people perceive pigs as dirty animals is because of their skin. Their skin is dry and itchy. Pigs are not flexible. That is why they can’t turn and scratch on their bodies if they feel an itch.  

Because of these traits, people think that pigs are not clean animals. However, in reality, pigs are much cleaner than your dog. The reason why they wallow in mud is that they don’t have sweat glands.

Dirt makes their temperature cool. Wallowing in mud is disgusting for people. But in reality, it is one way for pigs to stay clean and fresh. 

How Clean Are Pigs?

The pigs are very clean! That is why they are on the list of the cleanest animal species. Pigs housebreak themselves. Unlike other animals, pigs do not want to release their poop or urine near their sleeping or eating area. However, it is inevitable for pigs to wallow in the mud. Mud wallowing is their way to cool themselves down.

Pigs always prefer to be everything clean! The two things that they do that some people find disgusting are when they wallow in mud and when they eat everything that looks disgusting for humans. However, when you observe a pig, you will notice that they have a cleanliness habit. 

Why Pigs Are Kept In Mud If They Are Clean Animals?

Like I have mentioned, the one thing people find disgusting in pigs is when they wallow in the mud. Because of that habit, people start putting inside their minds that pigs are disgusting animals. But there are reasons why pigs do that. 

Pigs are clean animals. They don’t want their poop and urine to be spread all over their sleeping and eating area. Pigs like to sleep in a comfortable and clean spot.

However, because they do not have sweat glands, pigs have to wallow in mud which is disgusting for us humans. Pigs wallow in mud to keep their temperature cool as elephants do. 

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Do Pigs Eat Their Poop?

No! Pigs never eat their poop. Pigs do not like their own poop. However, in modern agribusiness, farmers want to cut down their feed costs. That is why pigs are fed dirty foods like dead bodies of animals and their manure.

In short, pigs eat their poop because of the greediness of humans, not because they like the taste of their poop. 

Pigs never like to eat these kinds of dirty things. They usually eat plants, and 90% of their diets are made up of veggies and fruits. So probably, they really don’t like the taste of their manure.

8 Amazing Facts About Pigs

Now that you know that pigs are not filthy or dirty animals, let us take a look at some other facts that probably you don’t know about pigs. If you are ready, let us proceed!

Pigs Were Domesticated A Long Time Ago

Researchers and scientists claimed that pigs are around for a very long time. Pigs are one of the oldest animals that have been domesticated behind dogs and goats. Researchers say that pigs were domesticated 9000 years ago. Their wild ancestors are the Eurasian boar. 

Pigs Can’t Sweat

Pigs can’t sweat! The saying “you are sweating like a pig” is non-sense since pigs do not sweat! Pigs do not have many sweat glands. That is why they roll in the mud or swim in the water to keep their temperature low. Wallowing in mud helps pigs to prevent their skin from getting sunburned.

Pigs Are Cleaner Than You Think

Many people use the pig as a curse word to people that do filthy things. However, this is also dumb because pigs are clean animals! They are on the list of the cleanest animals in the world. Pigs refuse to release their manure on their sleeping and eating place if they have given a choice. Newborn piglets also know where to poop and pee.

Pigs Are Smarter Than Dogs

It is a fact! Pigs have the intelligence of a human toddler. That is why they are ranked as the fifth most intelligent animal species in the world. Pigs are smarter than dogs, and they are easier to train than dogs. Dogs poop everywhere, while pigs naturally know the right place to release their manure. Pigs can learn their names in just two weeks after being born.

Mother Pigs Can Sing

Yes! Mother pigs can sing! Mother pigs will sing to their babies while nursing. Newborn piglets can immediately know the voice of their mother. It is one of the reasons why I love pigs! They are so sweet and affectionate. There are 20 grunts and squeals a pig does, and they use it to express their feelings or call for mates.

Pigs Love Belly Rubs

Pigs love belly rubs like cats and dogs. They will use trees to rub and scratch on. Pigs love belly rubs from their owners too! Aside from belly rubs, pigs also enjoy playing with toys or with their fellow pigs. Pigs are very social and playful animals!

Pigs Can Dream While Sleeping

Have you seen a group of pigs that are sleeping together? Like I have mentioned, pigs are social creatures. They love to be with each other even while sleeping! Pigs sleep together with their friends while they are dreaming about good yummy food. Yes! Pigs can dream while sleeping!

Pigs Have Amazing Memories

Pigs have excellent memories! That is why they can remember their humans and their friends. They can also identify the voice of their loved ones. Because pigs have strong memories, they will remember every event that happened in their lives, including the saddest and scariest events.

Final Verdict

Pigs are not filthy and dirty animals. It is a myth! Pigs are clean animals even though they do some things that look filthy for us humans, like wallowing in the mud or eating dirty things. Pigs wallow in mud to keep their temperature low because they have no sweat glands.

They also eat dirty things because of abusive owners, not because they want to. In fact, 90% of the diet of pigs consists of vegetables and fruits. 

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