Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Ferret For a Pet

Ferrets are different. They are playful, mischievous and entertaining little furry mammals that can bring endless enjoyment to their owners. What’s good about these cuddly creatures is that they can be taken out of the cages and you can play with them.

Thinking of bringing a ferret home? Here are top ten reasons why you need to choose a ferret for a pet.

1. They Are Different

Yes, it’s perfectly fine to bring home a pet that’s a little different. Ferrets might not be as popular as dogs or even cats, but they do make a playful pet. In fact they have a high sense of curiosity and watching them play might very well be the most entertaining sight.

For hours of fun, all you need to do is give your ferret a small plastic box or a supermarket bag. These curious little mammals love to explore their territory and they would immediately notice the box, bag or toy you put in there. On a separate note, ferrets would fall in love instantly with the squeaky animal toys you can get at your local pet store.

2. They Get Along Well With Other Pets

Ferrets do get along really well with other common pets like dogs and cats if you give them sufficient time. Introduce your ferret to other pets and monitor the new interaction. Sometimes larger pets can exhibit predatory behavior, and if this is the case, you should rescue and defend your ferret. Supervised play on the other hand can help animals be nice to each other and you can even reward ‘friendly’ play.

Like any other pet, no two ferrets are alike so if you decide to get more than one ferret at a time, make sure you monitor their interactions for a few days before leaving them alone. Also, ensure that each pet is treated equally when it comes to toys, living space and even food so that they don’t fight over their valuable possessions.

3. Ferrets Are Easy To Care For

All you need to do is invest in a good cage and check that their needs are met each day. Remember that ferrets love to dig, burrow and chew on everything, especially if they are young. Small objects particularly those made of rubber or foam are most likely to end up in your pet’s mouth and this can pose a serious health threat. If you’re thinking of bringing home a ferret, plan to supervise him whenever he’s out of his cage. Items such as electrical cords, socks and small glass objects should never be placed in the ‘ferret’ area.

4. Ferrets Can Help You De-stress

Ferrets are risk-free. They rarely harm humans and other pets* and as long as they’re vaccinated, they can be allowed around young kids with careful supervision. While ferrets love to snooze, they’re generally seen running around and skidding on the floor. You can watch them chase toys and even nibble on the treats you bought from the local pet store. If you have a ferret, get ready for loads of fun and lots of playtime can also help you get rid of the stress. Remember that they return every bit of affection you give them.

Ferrets can become nasty when around mice, hamsters, insects and other small creatures and this is why you need to supervise them closely.

5. Ferrets Do Not Make Noise

Ferrets love to run around and play with humans. They might even try to get into your shoes and sit inside. The good thing about ferrets is that only make sounds while playing or walking around. This means they won’t bark or howl when your neighbors arrive and don’t be surprised if your neighbors didn’t even know you had one.

Every ferret has a unique personality and they respond to training and positive enforcement activities really well. Surprisingly, when you switch off the lights and go to sleep, your ferret would want to sleep too. This means you no longer have to worry about night time becoming party time.

6. Ferrets Are Relatively Inexpensive

If you had small kittens as pets, you won’t have problems owning a ferret. As you can guess, these tiny furry balls don’t eat as much as large cats and dogs do. Puppy pads work best as bedding in cages and they can be easily cleaned up. While there are plenty of specialized toys for ferrets, they’re happy with simple items like golf balls, strings, plastic boxes and paper tubes. Read more here.

7. Ferrets Are Long Lived

The average life span of ferrets is 6 to 10 years and they can stick around and become a real close member of your family. Furthermore, they don’t need a huge space to live, so it’s easy to give them the cozy living spot they need.

8. Ferrets Can Be Taught Tricks

Ferrets are smart and intelligent. You can teach them to shake hands, give a high-five, roll over and stand up with the use of training and rewards. Ferrets can also be trained to use a litter box and drink from their water bottle. Also, name your pet and teach them to come running to you when you call their names.

9. Ferrets Can Be Left Alone

You can leave your ferrets alone as long as you leave them with sufficient food, water and of course, a clean and secure cage.

10. It’s Easy To Get Medical Care For Ferrets

Most vets can handle ferrets and you can get them vaccinated easily. As a general rule, you should get them checked by a licensed veterinarian every 6 months.

The bottom line is that ferrets make a terrific pet if you’re looking for a playful, energetic companion. After all, nothing can beat stress the way getting cuddled by a ferret does.

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