How Strong Is A Rottweiler? (Bite And Pull Strength + 11 Other Facts)

Rottweilers may get a bad rap as being an aggressive breed type toward humans and other animals. This can be true but really Rottweilers can be a gentle and protective dog for families. But in this post, I’ll go over how strong rottweiler dogs are as well as many other facts that you may not know about this majestic dog breed.

How Strong Is A Rottweiler Bite?

Rottweilers are not the dogs that have the strongest bites than other breeds of dogs. The strongest dog is the Kangals which has a bite force of 700 pounds of pressure. 

The bite force of a rottweiler is 328 pounds pressure. Rottweilers are one of the most aggressive dog breeds. They are also very territorial. Rottweiler is one of the strong dogs, but they are not the ones that have the most powerful bite force. 

Many people have claimed that pit bulls are stronger than rottweilers which is wrong! Pit bulls have a bite force of 300 pounds per pressure only. Rottweiler is still at the top of the pit bull when it comes to who has the powerful bite. 

Now that we know how powerful is the bite of a rottweiler, let’s next check how much weight they pull. 

How Much Can A Rottweiler Pull?

Rottweilers not only have a strong bite force but also have the muscular strength to pull heavy carts. 

Rottweilers are bred for cart pulling and working. They are the dog breed that you should choose if you want to join a dog weight-pulling competition. Rottweilers have robust muscular bodies, and they can pull anything!

A rottweiler can pull a weight that is more than 1000 pounds. Stronger and trained rottweilers can pull 15,168 pounds which is equal to 6880 kilograms! These dogs are capable of pulling one large truck!

Check out the video below of a rottweiler pulling the 15,168 pounds carts!

With that video alone, it can prove to you how strong rottweilers are. If you check the other videos on the internet about dog weight pulling competitions, you will see lots of rottweilers in the competition. 

Why? Because Rottweilers are the best breed of dog for weight pulling. They are biologically made for weight pulling and working There are other breeds in the competition, but those breeds have no match against the strength of rottweilers!

How Big Does A Rottweiler Get?

Rottweilers grow huge depending on their age, diet, and how often they exercise. They are cute when they are still puppies. But when they grow up, these dogs can become frightening and intimidating.

How Big Does A Rottweiler Get?

Male rottweilers can grow 24 to 27 inches tall and weigh 95 to 130 pounds, while female rottweilers can grow 22 to 25 inches tall and weigh 80 to 115 pounds. 

Rottweilers are one of the large breeds of dogs that many people keep as pets. But their large size doesn’t come instantly. Rottweilers grow slow and steady. They grow in height much faster than they gain weight, which is why they sometimes look skinny. 

You can’t predict how much size your rottweiler will grow because every dog is different. Dogs have different kinds of diets, hours of exercise, parents, and vitamins they intake. Rottweilers with a healthy diet, drink vitamins, and exercise every day are most likely to grow healthy and big. 

The website “A love for Rottweilers” creates a great table about the average height and weight of rottweilers during their first two years. Check the table below:

Age of RottweilerAverage Weight in pounds
Birth12 oz to 1.3 lbs
1 week old1.8 lbs to 2.6 lbs
2 weeks old2.9 lbs to 3.7 lbs
3 weeks old3.7 lbs to 4.9 lbs
4 weeks old4.9 lbs to 6.5 lbs
5 weeks old6.5 lbs to 8.6 lbs
6 weeks old8.8 lbs to 11 lbs
7 weeks old10.2 lbs to 13.5 lbs
8 weeks old12 lbs to 15.8 lbs
3 months old33 lbs to 38 lbs
4 months old43 lbs to 50 lbs
5 months old53 lbs to 60 lbs
6 months old63 lbs to 70 lbs
8 months old75 lbs to 85 lbs
10 months old85 lbs to 95 lbs
12 months old (1 year)90 lbs to 105 lbs
24 months old (2 years)105 lbs to 120 lbs
Age of RottweilerAverage Height in inches
2 months old13 in – 13.5 in
3 months old18.5 in – 19 in
4 months old19.5 in – 20 in
5 months old21.5 in – 22 in
6 months old23 in – 23.5 in
8 months old24.5 in – 25.5 in
10 months old25 in – 26 in
12 months old (1 year)25 in – 26.5 in
24 months old (2 years)25 in – 26.5 in

The things that will affect the size of your rottweiler are their genetics and diet. If the parents of your rottweilers are big, then your rottweiler will become huge. Otherwise, they will be small. Diet is also a factor that will determine how big and tall your rottweiler will get. 

Make sure that your rottweilers will have a healthy diet because they may become obese or anorexic which can cause various health problems like heart failure. You want them to stay lean and healthy. 

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

Yes! Rottweilers can be dangerous. 

Are Rottweilers Dangerous?

Rottweilers can be dangerous if they have not been trained properly. They are territorial dogs that don’t want any visitors in their houses. If you try to visit a rottweiler’s home, they might get aggressive towards you, especially if not trained properly. 

When Rottweilers are trained and raised around humans and other dogs, they become more protective and loving family members, good to strangers, and not aggressive to other dogs. 

However, as I have mentioned above, rottweilers are territorial dogs. Even though they were trained and raised properly, they can still be aggressive towards a stranger that will enter their home. Because of their territorial personality, these dogs are excellent guard dogs.

You don’t want to mess with a rottweiler unless they are your friend. Since 1982, 714 rottweilers have participated in fatal or disfiguring attacks on 365 children and 210 adults. They killed 113 people. 

This statistic shows that rottweilers can be dangerous dogs unless they are trained and if they are your friend.

NEVER approach a rottweiler if you don’t know it well. It might switch to defense and attack mode anytime to try to defend its owner. Even if you are just talking with the owner or cuddling the rottweiler, they might still attack you. That’s how protective they are of their owner! 

Where Are Rottweilers Banned?

How Strong Is A Rottweiler

Some dog breeds are considered dangerous to have around people, children, and other pets. Rottweilers are banned in several areas because of their territorial and aggressive behavior. What are those areas?

Rottweilers Are Banned In These Countries:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Ireland
  • Israel

These Are The States In The U.S Where Rottweilers Are Banned:

Rottweilers are not banned in the U.S. But because of their large size, loud noise, and territorial and aggressive behavior, some condos and apartments banned them. Some towns or villages in the U.S. may also ban rottweilers because of the same reason. 

Before getting a rottweiler dog, ask first your landlord or authorities in your condo if they allow their tenants to own one to avoid some monetary fines. Rottweilers can be dangerous, but they are not as savage as the pit bulls who claimed more lives. 

Are Rottweilers More Dangerous Than Pitbulls?

Nope. Rottweilers are not more dangerous than Pitbulls. 

Are Rottweilers More Dangerous Than Pitbulls?

Rottweilers were responsible for some deaths in the world. However, pit bulls are responsible for most of the deaths caused by dog attacks in the world. In every fatal attack by a rottweiler, there are five lethal attacks by pit bulls. 

The problem with the pit bulls is not their powerful bite. The problem with them is that they won’t let go of the bite once it has set its mind on the target. You don’t want to mess with pit bulls unless you want to get bitten and injured. 

However, even though rottweilers are not as dangerous as pit bulls, you still don’t want to mess with them. Remember, they have a bite force of 328 pounds pressure. Yes, they have a more powerful bite force than Pitbulls. Rottweilers can still kill their target because of their powerful bite force. 

Which Dog Breed Can Kill A Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are strong dogs. Right? But have you ever wondered which dog breed can kill a rottweiler in a one-on-one match? 

Many dog breeds can kill a rottweiler. Some dogs that are worth mentioning are the English mastiffs, Kangals, and Tibetan mastiffs. These three dogs can effortlessly kill a rottweiler because of their powerful bite force. 

Tibetan mastiffs can kill a rottweiler effortlessly. They have a bite force of 700 pounds pressure, and they are bred for fighting. They are bred to fight wolves and leopards. Check out my article about how strong Tibetan mastiffs are here.

English mastiffs also have a powerful bite force which is 526 pounds pressure. They can beat the rottweilers in a one-on-one match.

English mastiffs were originally bred to fight in wars against humans and lions. But their present-day counterparts are more gentle and friendly. You can check out my article here about how strong English mastiffs are.

Rottweilers were bred to pull weights and carts. They are strong dogs that can pull any weight. No other breed of dog can beat rottweilers when it comes to weight pulling. However, when it comes to a one-on-one fight, many dog breeds can contend and beat these rottweilers. 

Can A Rottweiler Kill A Coyote?

Rottweilers can kill a coyote if they have been trained to hunt and kill. However, their chances are still low. Why? Because coyotes are mean, fearless, and natural killers. Rottweilers can take on a coyote, but an animal with a killer gene inside them would be likely to do better.

Can A Rottweiler Protect You Against Pit Bull?

Rottweilers are very protective dog breeds. They can protect you against a pit bull if a pit bull tries to attack you. Rottweilers have a great match against a pitbull because of their aggressive behavior. 

A pitbull can kill a rottweiler that came from bad breeding. If a rottweiler was bred to become friendly and less aggressive, they most likely lose against a pit bull. I have never seen a pit bull killing a rottweiler or vice versa. But I have seen many videos of a rottweiler dominating the Pitbulls. 

Is A Rottweiler A Good Guard Dog?

Yes! Rottweilers are naturally overprotective dogs. They are overprotective of their families and their other dog friends. Because of the protective behavior, they can make effective guard dogs.

If a rottweiler is trained and properly socialized, they will become less aggressive to strangers who don’t seem like a threat. Otherwise, they will attack to protect their owner.

Is A Rottweiler A Good Family Dog?

Is A Rottweiler A Good Family Dog?

Even though rottweilers are made to become guard dogs because of their aggressive, territorial, and protective behavior, they still love the family life. Rottweilers are sweet and loving dogs, and their main priority in life is to protect their loved ones.

If a rottweiler has been trained and socialized properly, they will become a good family pet. 

Rottweilers are also great for families that have kids. Even though they are big, Rottweilers are great for kids because of their loyal and affectionate behavior. If a rottweiler is trained properly, they will protect your children from any threats, like kidnappers. 

Final Thoughts

Rottweilers can be dangerous if not handled properly by their owners. If they are not trained and socialized properly, they will become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

But if they were, they will become calm around strangers that don’t look like a threat. However, if a stranger looks like a threat, they will switch to attack mode to protect their owner because that is their main priority. 


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