If You Raise A Lion Will It Attack You? The Real Truth About Pet Lions!

Have you ever seen a human having a pet lion? Of course! Yes! Right? You see them on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. You see lions with humans everywhere!

But, is it true that even though a human raises a lion from birth, there is still a chance that the lion will attack the human that raised him/her?

If you raise a Lion will it attack you? Possibly. If you raised a lion since birth, it will not mean that you are immune from their attack. If you don’t treat a lion nicely or if they feel threatened, the lion will still attack you even though you are their owner. 

However, there are more facts you need to learn about pet lions. If you want to get a pet lion, try reading this whole article first before you decide to get one. 

Let’s jump into it!

If You Raise A Lion Will It Attack You

Can Lions Be Pets?

There are many photos on google and videos on Youtube where Lions and humans have good relationships. Lions and humans bond together, play together, eat together, and sleep together. Some people think after watching some clips of a lion with humans that lions are good pets. 

Is it true that lions can be good pets? But they are wild animals, what makes them a good pet? 

Can Lions be pets? I would say yes to this question. However, keep in mind that lions are still wild animals, and they might attack their owner anytime. Even though they can be a pet, owners must act cautious and careful not to threaten their pet lion. 

Lions are inevitably expensive. That is why only rich people who have enough money can buy and sustain a lion. In the United States, some lion cubs are available in some states from captive breeders. It means that it is possible to own a lion even though you are not properly equipped to take care of them.

However, I don’t recommend people that want to have a pet lion but don’t have enough money to take care of a lion to get a lion. Why? Because you will waste the money you’ve spent when you bought the lion, and the lion might die early. 

So never get a lion if you cannot take care of them and to maintain them. They need wide shelter, tons of meat for their daily food, and some expensive equipment to make them happy and healthy. 

Can Lions Be Tamed?

Lions are the king and queen of the jungle, and no one, even large animals like elephants, will tell them what to do! They are the strongest, ferocious, and scary predators on our planet. Because of their wild behaviors, you think that there is no chance to tame a lion.

However, this isn’t true because lions can be friendly to humans. There are many ways to train a lion, and that is a different topic. The basic things you need to execute to make a lion friendly is to feed him/her. But there are various reported attacks, right? So lions are not friendly and can’t be tamed?

Can Lions be tamed? Yes! Lions can be tamed! However, they need to be trained during their cub years. It is near impossible to train a grown-up lion to be tamed. Even though lions can be tamed, it is still required to act cautious and careful.

Even though lions can be tamed, there are still some instances where they will act aggressively, especially if they feel threatened and if they feel danger. Like I have said, act cautiously around lions to prevent them from attacking you because they will attack you even if you are their owner. 

Why Lions Should Not Be Pets?

Even though I have agreed that lions can be pets, there are still many people that said that lions should not be pets. 

Because I am an open-minded person and I want to help you to decide before you get a pet lion, let’s first take a look at some cons of having a pet lion.

Too Dangerous

Lions are inevitably dangerous because of their large sizes, sharp claws, and sharp teeth. That is why some people disagree that lions can be pets because of this reason. Lions are dangerous even though they can be domesticated or be tamed. 

Even though there is a chance to tame a lion, there will still be some instances where lions will act aggressively. They act aggressively if they sense potential threats and if they feel that they are being disrespected. 

Lions are dangerous because they have the potential to kill humans, grown-up humans, or little kids. Also, they can injure or kill other small animals like dogs and cats. A person that has no experience or expertise in lions should not keep lions as pets. 

People with no expertise in lions should not take care of a lion because there is a chance that the lion will cause problems. Even though lions can be friendly and loving, they can still be dangerous. 

Will Burn Lots Of Money

Do you know how much a lion is? Continue reading, and you will have an idea of how expensive they are! Lions will burn lots of your money! They are expensive when you buy them, and they are high-maintenance animals. 

Lions need to eat meat, big shelter, vitamins, and other things to keep them healthy and happy. If you have no enough money, never get a lion! Also, it is not a good idea to keep your pet lion inside your house. They need to have their own house, and it requires wide space because they are highly active animals. 

Lions need annual care, and it will cost you a lot of money. It does not include the monetary fines if your lion injured someone or if somebody sued you for millions. Get ready for your million dollars to be burned for maintaining a pet lion. 

Requires Lots Of Time

Lions will also require lots of your time. Why? Because even though they are known for being responsible, they need your time for them to be tamed. You need to spend at least three hours a day to keep your lions happy and to know you very well. 

Remember, lions can be tamed if you put time and effort to train them. Lions should also be trained during their young years. It is nearly impossible to train a big and mature lion. However, even though they can be tamed, you still need to act cautiously around them. 

How Much Does A Lion Cost?

If you are deciding to buy a lion, then you may be asking for their price. A lion will cost $5,000 up to $100,000. Rare cubs will cost you a hundred thousand dollars. 

But it is not yet finished because even though you have the money to buy a lion, you need to keep in mind that they need maintenance. You need to set up their homes or their ecosystem. The setup for this will cost you another $100,000. It includes their house and the fee required by your local government for owning a lion. 

Lastly, their annual care. It costs $10,000 to $30,000 to take care of a lion annually. The prices of their annual care vary on their size and their age. Usually, grown-up lions will require lots of money because they need to eat more meat than lion cubs. 

However, the prices I gave you does not include the price you need to pay if emergencies are happening, or if someone sued you for millions because your lion hurt them. Prepare millions of dollars if you want to have a pet lion. 

Where to buy lions? Lions can be purchased at an exotic animal auction, or you can buy them from private breeders at your location. However, before you buy a lion, check first if your local government permits people to own a pet lion to avoid charges and monetary fines.

How Dangerous Are Lions?

Like I have said above, lions can be dangerous because of their sharp teeth and sharp claws. They can be dangerous to humans and other animals if not domesticated. Lions can be tamed and domesticated, but it requires lots of time and patience. 

Wild lions that have not been trained will usually see humans and other animals as prey. So never approach a wild lion. Cubs are not that dangerous. However, never still approach lion cubs because their mother might be around, and their mother might attack you as well. 

How To Survive A Lion Attack?

When you see a wild lion, what do you think you should do? Run? Scream? It is not easy to run away from a lion because they are incredibly fast. Also, you cannot scream because lions might hear you, and they have a strong hearing. 

So, what should you do? Below are the steps on how to survive a lion attack and what to do if you saw a lion.

  1. Stand your ground 
  2. Retreat very slowly
  3. Clap your hands or wave your hands and face the lion while retreating to make yourself look bigger
  4. NEVER run!

How To Avoid Being Attacked By A Lion?

Like the old saying, prevention is better than cure. So, how can you avoid being attacked by a lion? Below are the simple steps:

  1. Never approach lions closely
  2. Don’t approach the lion cubs
  3. Be cautious at night if you are going to camp
  4. Never provoke a lion by scaring or shouting at them

Are Lion Cubs Dangerous?


Lion cubs are cute at first glance, and when you see them the thought that they are going to grow up scary and dangerous will jump out of your mind because of their cuteness. Lions cubs are so adorable, especially if they try to annoy their daddy lion. 

Does the lion cubs dangerous? Actually no. Even though they will grow up like their scary mom and dad, lion cubs are harmless. However, lion cubs will still act wild because that is their instincts right? Lion cubs are not dangerous because they are still small.

Male lions have no part in raising the cubs. Providing food for the cubs and training them to hunt is the responsibility of the mother lion. The male lions’ responsibility is to reproduce. It is entertaining to see cubs annoying their fathers. 

Do Lions Attack Humans For No Reason?

Lions are dangerous because of their sharp claws and sharp teeth. They are also huge, and they can effortlessly suffocate any animal. Lions are not only dangerous to other animals or their prey but also humans.

Do lions attack humans for no reason? Sometimes. Sometimes lions will attack humans for no reason because they see humans as prey. Lions will attack humans if they feel threatened. Lioness will attack humans if they perceive humans as a threat to their cubs. 

If you saw a lion from a distance, never approach it because it might attack you for no reason. Also, never approach a lion cub even though their mother is not around because their mother will easily sense if someone is approaching their cubs, especially if the cubs are crying.

Final Words

Lions can be great pets for people who have lots of money, are experts or have experience in taking care of a lion, and people that are willing to risk their time and money. 

Even though lions are friendly or can be tamed, it is essential to act with cautiousness because lions are still wild animals that might attack you anytime. 

I hope you have learned more today! If you are planning to have a pet lion, make sure that you research first, and have lots of money. It is not easy to take care of a lion, but it is fun!

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