Why Do Crocodiles Not Eat Other Crocodiles? The Truth!

Crocodiles are monsters of the lakes and rivers. They are ferocious animals that love to eat and attack any living thing that looks like tasty meat for them. However, crocodiles do not like their meat. This is why they don’t eat their fellow crocodiles. 

But aside from that, what are the other reasons why crocs never eat other crocs? Let me give you a concise answer!

Why do crocodiles not eat other crocodiles? Crocodiles do not eat other crocodiles that are bigger or much powerful than them because it can cause conflict and are too risky. However, crocodiles might still eat other crocodiles that are much smaller than them to show dominance and power. 

There is much more to learn about this topic. We are going to answer different questions that are related to our topic today. Let’s get deeper around this topic and learn more about crocodiles!

Do Crocodiles Eat Other Crocodiles?

Like I have said above, crocodiles do not eat other crocodiles that are bigger or have the same size as them because it is not a good idea for them to risk their lives. They only eat smaller crocs that are easier to dominate and small enough to overpower. 

Crocodiles are also wise animals. They know what their strengths and weaknesses are. Crocodiles will never eat other crocodiles that are much stronger than them. Of course, crocodiles also love their lives, which is why they never try to bother other stronger crocodiles. 

Adult crocodiles never eat each other because they are too large and tough, and a fight might result in a massive wounding. Crocodiles that have the same status and skill respect each other. They do not bother each other, and they respect each other’s spaces.

Yes, there are times where a crocodile eats another crocodile. However, they only eat crocodiles that are much smaller and less powerful than them. Why? Because it is much easier and requires a little effort for them to kill a weaker crocodile. 

Crocodiles might also eat other crocodiles if it is trespassing their territory. Remember, all crocodiles are territorial animals, and they never accept any visitors.

If a large crocodile saw a smaller crocodile trespassing in their territory, they would have no mercy and kill and eat that smaller crocodile.

A croc will also fight to the death against another croc to show dominance, and they have no issues eating the loser. Food might be scarce in the jungle, which is why crocodiles will take any opportunities to feed themselves.

If a fellow crocodile is the only thing they can eat that day, they will attack and kill their fellow crocodile, and make it their lunch. 

There can also be a tendency where the male crocodile eats their offspring. Mother crocodiles are good parents. However, some male crocodiles do not give a damn thing about their children, and they will eat it if they feel or want to. 

Why Do Crocodiles Eat Each Other’s Arm?

Crocodiles eat other crocs’ arms to have more advantage against them. Male crocodiles occasionally fight over territory, and when you see a crocodile that has a missing arm or limb, it’s the result of the fight. 

Like humans, crocodiles love to play too, and sometimes they overdo it causing various injuries like losing or breaking arms. People can break each other’s arms when playing, which can happen to crocodiles too.

It is inevitable for crocodiles to have injuries when playing. They are strong and powerful animals, so what do you expect? 

Crocodiles are resilient animals, and they can survive these injuries. They will not die by losing arms or losing legs. Crocs can overcome every injury they have! They will also not die by blood loss when they lose arms, not because their arms will grow back again but because they have cool blood!

The blood of crocodiles contains antibacterial properties to reduce the chance of infection. 

However, even though crocodiles lose their arms, losing an arm or limb will never stop them from being wild and dangerous. Having amputated limbs or arms is not the end of the world for them. Amputated limbs will not hinder them from becoming territorial and powerful! 

What Do Crocodiles Eat?

Crocodiles love to eat meat and fish. They eat all animals in the wild except the poisonous animals, animals that are much stronger than them, and animals that do not look tasty. Of course, crocodiles do not eat veggies and fruits because it does not taste good for them. 

Crocodiles might also eat other crocodiles, but only the smaller ones. Crocodiles will not eat another crocodile that is much bigger and stronger than them.

However, because they are territorial, crocodiles will fight until death against other crocodiles that trespass their territory even though it is bigger or stronger than them, and eating the loser crocs is not an issue. 

What Do Ancient Crocodiles Eat Before?

Ancient crocodiles usually eat plants. Some fossil teeth of the ancient crocodiles were much rougher than today’s plant-eating reptiles. That is why scientists concluded that some ancient crocodiles ate plants before. 

However, there are also fossil teeth that look specialized to crush bones. So it means that the ancient crocodiles before are classified into two. There were herbivore crocodiles and carnivore crocodiles before. Unlike today, all crocodiles are carnivores, and there are no herbivores crocodiles. 

I think that herbivore crocodiles have become extinct because the carnivorous crocodiles ate them all before. This is only my conclusion, so don’t take it seriously. However, I have a point right? Maybe all plant-eating crocodiles have been deleted because of the meat-eating crocs. 

Can A Crocodile Kill An Alligator?

Yes! Crocodiles can kill an alligator because crocs have powerful bite strength compared to alligators. When crocodiles start to close their jaws, the pressure measures 3,700 psi or pounds of pressure per square inch. 

Alligators are not powerful biters when compared to crocodiles. They are at the sixth spot on the strongest biters on the planet, with a psi of 2,800 pounds. But this never means that alligators are not powerful biters. Even though crocs are much more powerful biters than them, alligators still have a deadly bite force.

When it comes to size, crocodiles win again. There is no question at all! The heaviest crocodile recorded was about 2,000 pounds and 23 feet long. On the other side, the heaviest alligator recorded was about 1,000 pounds and 19 feet long only. Crocodiles win on this factor. 

How about aggression? Who is the most aggressive? Well, yes! You are right. Crocodiles won again! Crocs are much more aggressive when compared to alligators. Many humans have died because of the attack of the crocodiles compared to the attacks of alligators. So it means that crocodiles are much more dangerous than alligators. 

Can A Crocodile Kill A Hippopotamus?

One of the best enemies of crocodiles is the hippos. Both animals love to hang out on rivers and lakes, which is why they often fight for territories. However, crocodiles are afraid of hippos because they know how aggressive hippos are. But can crocodiles kill them if given a chance?

Can a crocodile kill a hippopotamus? Crocodiles can kill a hippopotamus that is young or still in the infant stage. However, crocodiles have no match against heavier and full-grown hippos. Crocodiles know how strong a full-grown hippo is, so they never risk attacking one.

Do Crocodiles Eat Their Offspring?

The crocodiles that live in captivity are not the ones who keep their eggs. The zookeeper or the staff in the captivity are the ones who collect the eggs and put them in an incubator. Why? Because the crocodiles might eat them. 

In the wild, the mother crocodiles are responsible for keeping their babies safe because no one will help them, unlike in captivity. Mother crocodiles are usually good parents, and they protect their offspring until death. However, male crocodiles do not care about their offspring. They eat their offsprings or the newly hatched crocodiles. 

This is why mother crocodiles are so protective in guarding their eggs. They protect their eggs from other animals and the male crocodiles. Mother crocodiles are like any other mothers. They have the instinct of a mother, which means they protect their children from any danger.

Do Crocodiles Feel Pain?

Crocodiles can also feel pain. They don’t belong to the animals that cannot feel pain. Crocs can feel pleasure and emotions. They can be sad, happy, angry, anxious, and jolly. Crocodiles can feel extreme pain when they lose their limbs or arms because of fighting. 

However, even though crocodiles can feel pain when fighting or losing some of their body parts, pain does not hinder them to avoid dangerous things. When they feel pain, they just let it go for a few weeks or a day and come back again to hunt and fight against other crocodiles. 

Every reptile, like crocodiles, can feel pain. But it is hard to tell whether a croc is in pain or not because they are too stoic. We can only know if these crocodiles feel pain when they have wounds. We can’t tell if they are in pain if we only based it on their body language and facial expression.

Final Thoughts

In the wild, it is very hard to survive. That is why crocodiles always act dominant and scary to scare predators or other animals away from their territory. There is a high chance a crocodile goes one-on-one against another crocodile, especially when they fight against a territory. 

Crocodiles do not eat other crocodiles that are much larger or stronger than them. They only eat other crocodiles that are much smaller and weaker than them. Crocodiles have brains also. They think of every outcome before they act. When both crocodiles decided to attack each other, the fight will result in injuries, and it would be very messy.

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