Why Do Siamese Cats Get Darker? (4 Reasons Why!)

Do you have a Siamese cat? If yes, have you noticed that your cat’s coat is getting darker and darker as time goes by? Your siamese cats get darker because of many reasons. What are the reasons? Here:

Why do Siamese cats get darker? The coat of Siamese cats becomes darker because of the temperature of their bodies. If their temperature is below the standard body temperature of cats, their hair will turn dark. However, there are other possible reasons why they turn black. 

Today, we are going to talk about Siamese cats and their dark coats. First, we will tackle the different reasons why Siamese cats get darker over time, second, we are going to tell you the things you can do to prevent your Siamese cats from getting darker. And third, we are going to answer various questions related to our topic. 

Let’s check first the reasons why your Siamese cats get darker! Let’s go! 

Why Do Siamese Cats Get Darker

4 Reasons Why Your Siamese Cats Get Darker

Below are the different reasons why your Siamese cats get darker over time. Let’s check them out! 


The first reason why your Siamese cats get darker is because of temperature. I already mentioned this above but let’s discuss this again and get deeper. 

Some areas of the body of a Siamese cat are cooler. It allows enzymes to function, and they become darker. The color change occurs in areas of their bodies that have a temperature less than 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why their feet, legs, tail, and face become dark. 

Siamese cats may begin to change their color during the winter season. If your Siamese cat is always outside your backyard during the cold season, expect that your Siamese cat gets darker.

If your Siamese cat loves to go outside during winter, make sure that you make your home warm and comfortable for him/her if you don’t want them to turn super dark. 

Once the season gets warmer, the fur of your Siamese cat will brighten up. The depth of their color depends on the temperature, but their color is because of genetics, which means they can’t turn color blue or something else except if they have some health and genetic issues. 

Your black Siamese cat can also turn back into white, which is not good. If you have a Siamese cat that has a color black before and slowly turning back to white again, this is because their temperature rises too much than normal. If this happens, you should take your Siamese cat to the vet for further check-up. 

Body Fat

The other reason why your Siamese cat gets darker is because of their diets. If your Siamese cat has an unhealthy diet, their coats can get darker over time. 

If your Siamese cat’s fur turned into rusty-brown instead of black, watch out. The coat of your Siamese can turn rusty brown because of deficiency of their enzyme tyrosine which is responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives black color to its coat. 

If your Siamese cat is fat, it can become darker. When they become fat, there are fewer veins inside adipose tissue than their inside muscles, and their temperature becomes lower also because of this. That is why the fatter a Siamese is, the darker they become. 

You have to make sure that your Siamese cat has a balanced diet. If you only give your Siamese cat vegetarian food, this could be the cause of tyrosine deficiency because the enzyme they need is found in protein foods like chickens. Balanced protein and veggies are essential to make your Siamese cat’s fur healthy! 

Old Age

Have you seen a newborn Siamese kitten? If yes, have you noticed that they don’t have any black spots on their bodies?

The Siamese cats are naturally born as complete albinos. Once they come outside their mother’s womb and are exposed to the world, their coats become dark, including their face. 

Older Siamese cats tend to become darker than the young ones. The dark color is a sign that your Siamese cat is getting old. 

The Sun

All animals love to chill under the sun, including your cats. However, this could be one of the reasons why your Siamese cat is changing their colors. 

If your Siamese cat loves to chill under the sun and is exposed too much to it, you may notice that some of its black furs turn reddish-brown. Why? Because the sun can bleach out some of the colors. 

Even though your Siamese cat is living indoors, they might still get affected, especially if they love to hang out near the windows and the sun still manages to enter the glass.

It is essential to put a curtain on your window so that you can effortlessly lessen the heat of the sun entering the window. The transparent curtain is the best so that the sun may still pass through but not too much. 

How To Stop Your Siamese Cat From Getting Darker?

To be honest you can’t stop your Siamese cat from getting dark. It is on their genes already. Color is the sign of the age of your Siamese cat. The older they are, the darker their coat becomes. 

However, there are things you can do to prevent them from turning black too fast. I will tell you again. YOU CAN’T FULLY PREVENT IT! You can only slow them down from turning their coats to black. 

Keep Them Warm

If you want to slow down your Siamese from getting darker or don’t want them to get fully black, you have to keep them warm. 

The Winter season is the optimal season for them to change their colors. The colder the temperature is, the faster their coat darkens. If your Siamese cat loves to go outside and play in the snow, make sure that when he/she goes home, your house is warm and comfortable. 

You can also give your Siamese cat clothes to keep them warm during the winter season. Before they go outside and play in the chilling temperature, never forget to put clothes on them. There are cheap cat clothes that you can find online!

Feed Them Healthy Foods

The second thing you want to do if you desire to make your Siamese cat’s coat less dark is to give them healthy foods. 

Ensure that your cat has a healthy diet and enough daily exercise. You can play with your Siamese cat or buy a new friend for them. Physical activities are the best exercise for your cats.

Exercise and a balanced diet will help your Siamese cat lean and maintain a bright coat. It can also make your Siamese cat’s life longer! 

Limit Their Sun Exposure

Sun is great for all creatures, including us humans. However, everything that is too much is unhealthy. Too much sun exposure is inadequate, especially if during lunchtime. The healthiest time to soak under the sun is from 7 AM until 10 AM. 

Your cat might get reddish if it gets too exposed to the sun. The time your Siamese cat should play outside should be 7 AM until 10 AM. Then bring them inside the house to avoid too much sun exposure. After that, you can let them out of the backyard again at 4 PM. 

Cover your windows with a transparent curtain so that it limits the sunlight entering your windows. Don’t completely block the sunlight. You just have to control it. Your indoor cat can still get too much exposure to the sun if they often hang out near the window. That is why a curtain is essential.

What Age Do Siamese Cats Stop Changing Color?

Siamese cats do not stop from changing their colors. This is one of the things I love about Siamese cats. I love when they get darker and darker each month. It is so cool to observe. 

Siamese cats will continue to darken their color as they age up. They will change their colors starting their first week as kittens until they die. 

Why Do Siamese Cats Get Darker

Do Siamese Cats Change Color During Summer?

If you and your Siamese cat live in a warm climate, your cat’s coat will lighten up because of the hot temperature. Your Siamese cat will only get darker during cold seasons, not during the summer season. 

Do Siamese Cats Get Darker When They Get Older?

Yes! The age of a Siamese cat can be determined by its color. Like any other cat, the hair of Siamese cats turns grey as they get old. If the coat of a Siamese cat is naturally dark, they will change their coat to black when they get old.

Do Siamese Cats Get Darker In The Winter?

Yes! Like I have said above, the cooler the temperature is, the darker Siamese cats get. When the temp is below 98F, the change of color takes place. In simple words, the coat of Siamese cats gets darker during the cold season.

Why Are Siamese Kittens Lighter Than Adults?

The temperature inside their mother’s womb is warm and stable. It is too warm for the enzymes that cause Siamese cats to become darker to be triggered. That is why Siamese kittens are lighter. Once they go out of their mother’s womb and get exposed to the world, they will start changing colors.

Can Siamese Cats Change Color From Dark To Light?

The hair color of your Siamese cat is determined by the temperature of her body. When their body temperature is cold, they will grow dark coats. If they have warm temperatures they grow lighter hair. In simple words, yes! Your Siamese cats can change color from dark to light in summer.


Your Siamese cats will change color during cold and warm seasons. Their coats will change darker during winter, and they will turn light during summer. 

Your Siamese cat can have a color red coat after too much sun exposure and because of an unhealthy diet. If you notice unusual things from your Siamese cat, bring them to the vet to give them proper treatment.

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