Which Animals Are Most Emotional And Sensitive?

Which Animals Are Most Emotional And Sensitive

Animals have feelings, emotions, and animals can also feel pain. However, some numb animals are emotionless and animals that don’t feel pain. Animals that are capable of feeling emotion can be sensitive and emotional so much. What are those animals?

Which animals are most emotional and sensitive? The animals that are so emotional and sensitive are:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Elephants
  • Dolphins
  • Apes
  • Monkeys
  • Birds
  • Cows
  • Horses
  • Donkeys

There are other things that you will learn throughout this topic. I am going to answer different questions that are commonly asked on quora and other forums. These questions are related to our topic, and it will give you more ideas about animal emotion. Let’s go! 

Do Animals Have Emotions?

Animals have emotions, but not all animals have. Other animals are too numb to feel an emotion. Animals that have been raised by themselves and not used to socialize with others might grow with poor social skills and might be unable to express their emotions properly.

Animals have emotions, and we can know what emotion they are feeling currently through their body language. That is why animals have their tails. The dog’s tail shows lots of emotions. You can say if a dog is angry, sad, happy, excited, and scared through their tail. 

Animals need their emotions to express themselves. Some animals grieve and cry when their family members or loved ones die. Animals can also laugh when they find something funny or if they are tickled. They can also tell jokes on their fellow animals, and primates are the one’s expert on telling jokes. 

Because of these things, scientists have concluded that animals are capable of feeling emotions. They observed this many years ago. Pet owners can also prove that animals have emotions based on what they observe on their pets. 

Do Animals Have The Same Emotions As Humans?

Animals have emotions, and they use their emotions to express what they feel. Most people think that the emotions animals feel differ from the emotions humans feel. Well, let me answer that question with a concise answer. 

Do animals have the same emotions as humans? Yes! Animals have the same emotions as humans. However, animals never express their emotions verbally as humans do. Animals express their emotions through actions and body language. 

However, even though animals have the same emotions as humans, not all animals are as intelligent as humans. Animals like dolphins, elephants, and primates are the animals that are well-known because of the intelligence they possess. Scientists said that the intelligence of these animals is almost close to humans.

However, I still believe that there are no animals that can reach the intelligence of humans. Humans built differently, and we have different brain structures than animals. Humans are at the top of the food chain even though humans have no supernatural defensive mechanisms as animals do. 

The only thing humans have is their intelligence, and humans use this advantage to survive in the wild a hundred thousand years ago until today. Yes! Animals have the same emotions as humans have. But this doesn’t mean that they can reach or pass the intelligence of humans.

What Emotions Do Humans Have That Animals Don’t Have?

Animals have emotions, and it was proven already by many scientists. They said that animals can be so emotional as humans. Animals use their emotion to express what they are feeling. Yes, animals have the same emotions as humans. However, are there any emotions humans have that animals never have? 

What emotions do humans have that animals don’t have? It is hard to say what emotions humans have that animals never have because of different studies and observations. Animals can grieve, be sad, laugh, get angry, etc. So I think that there are no emotions humans have that animals don’t have. 

Some people said that the emotions that humans have that animals don’t have are the conscience because when animals kill their prey, they don’t feel guilty about it. However, I don’t agree with this because it is part of nature. If you eat a pig, do you feel guilty that the pig was killed for you to eat them? 

No! Because it is part of nature. If you are a true nature or animal lover, you have to accept how nature works. So to conclude, there are no emotions that humans feel that animals don’t because animals can also feel the emotions humans feel. The only thing animals and humans differ is their intelligence. 

These Are The Animals That Are Most Emotional And Sensitive

Animals have emotions, and they use their emotions to express what they feel. All animals have emotions, but only domesticated animals are more emotional and sensitive. Why? Because they are used to interacting with humans, and they are used to interacting with other animals. 

When pets or animals are domesticated, they become more emotional because they adapt to their environment. So, who are the animals that are most emotional and sensitive? Continue reading, and you will know! 

Below are the top 10 animals that are most emotional and sensitive: 


It is not surprising to see dogs on our list. Dogs are emotional and are very expressive. They use their tails to express what they feel. Dogs also use their voices to express their emotions. When dogs are domesticated and used to human contact, they become more emotional.

Dogs are truly man’s best friends. They have been a companion of man since a thousand years ago until now. Dogs are great pets because they are intelligent, expressive, and playful. Owning a dog is like having a baby because dogs can have too many needs to survive, and they can be emotional and sensitive sometimes.


Cats are independent animals because they inherited them from their descendants. However, even though cats can be more independent than dogs, they can still be emotional and sensitive. Cats that have been domesticated become more attached to humans, which makes them more emotional. 

Cats express their emotions like most animals do. They express their emotions through body language like tail wagging. When cats are angry, their body shows that they are mad, and when they feel other emotions, their tails say it all. 


Elephants are one of the intelligent animals in the wild. They have large brains, and they have the largest brain of any land animal, which makes them more intelligent than lions and otherwise predators. 

Elephants can also express their emotions, and they express their emotions through body language. They can also love, and they are capable of receiving love. Elephants can also be attached to their owner and their group.

Because elephants can live as long as humans do, they can form strong relationships with humans and their fellow elephants. They can feel sadness, joy, distress, depressions, anxiety, empathy, and sympathy.

Elephants also grieve when their loved ones die, especially when they have been with them for a long time.


Dolphins are also one of the intelligent animals in the world. They are mammals that live under the sea. Dolphins are also one of the friendliest animals in the world, and dolphins can be friendly with humans as well. 

Dolphins have large brains as elephants do. That is why dolphins are capable of feeling emotions. Dolphins can be more emotional and sensitive than other animals capable of feeling emotions because they are way smarter than any other animals. 


Apes also belong to the most intelligent animals list. They can also feel emotions and express their emotions perfectly. Apes can laugh, cry, get angry, and they also grieve if their loved ones or family members die. The intelligence of apes is close to the intelligence of humans, which is why they express their emotions more perfectly than other animal species. 

Apes can mess up with other apes, other animals, and humans. They can tell jokes, and they prank their fellow apes as part of having fun. Scientists have observed this already, and they conclude that apes are also emotional and sensitive animals. 


Monkeys are smaller versions of apes. The only difference they have is that apes have no tails and apes are much smarter. This means that monkeys are also capable of feeling emotions like apes do. 

Monkeys are intelligent, playful, confident, and responsible creatures. They are also humorous and romantic, which means that they can fall in love and tell jokes as apes do. Monkeys also grieve when their loved ones die. 


Birds are also intelligent animals, and birds are loyal to their owners like dogs do. However, not all birds are intelligent and loyal. But there are still more intelligent birds than dumb birds. Because birds are smart enough to feel emotions, they can be more emotional. 

However, only birds that are so intelligent have the capability of being more emotional and sensitive. The smarter a creature, the more emotional and sensitive they will be. However, not all birds can act emotionally because some birds never hundred-percent care. 


Cows are good pets of farm owners. They are mostly seen in places that have lots of grass or in wide lands. Cows are domesticated animals, and they are helpful to humans. They help humans by providing healthy milk and by helping humans on-farm plowing. 

Because cows are domesticated, they have been able to adapt to different kinds of emotions. Cows can feel empathy and sympathy. They also grieve when their loved ones die, and they become sad when their owners abuse or abandon them.  


Hoses are also domesticated animals, and they are used as transportation of humans during a time where there are no cars yet. Because horses are domesticated, they have built a strong bond with humans. 

Horses are also one of the most emotional and sensitive animals. They know how to express their feelings well. Horses tell if they are angry, happy, and distressed. They can also ask their owners that they are too tired to run and need a break. 


Donkeys are also emotional animals because they have been domesticated. Like I have said above, animals that have been domesticated become more emotional and sensitive. Donkeys can be more emotional if they have built a strong relationship with their owner or other animals. 

Donkeys are good companions too. They help humans with tough jobs that humans cannot do, like pulling some heavy things. Donkeys can pull heavy lifts because they are much stronger than horses. 

Final Words

Every animal can indeed feel emotions. That is why we need to be careful about every action we do. Animals can be sad if they lost their loved ones or lost their habitats. So we need to make sure that animals are safe. We have to create an environment where animals feel safe and away from being distressed.

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