24 Things You Need to Know About Great Danes As An Owner

Despite their size, Great Danes are known as gentle giants. These dogs are very playful and affectionate. Great Danes were actually bred as boar-hunting dogs. They are great family pets and describe as the “Apollo of dogs” due to their beauty, courage, and grace.

   Great Danes are registered as the 20th most popular dog breed in America. These friendly nature dogs have more interesting things. So, read more to know about Great Danes.

24 Interesting Facts About Great Danes

24 Interesting Facts About Great Danes

   As an owner, you must know interesting things or facts about your four-legged friends if you have a Great Dane. 

1. One of the Tallest Dog in the World

   A male Great Danes height reaches 32 inches and weighs about 175 pounds. While a female Great Dane is smaller than a male, reaches up to 30 inches, and weighs about 140 pounds. Great Danes look taller than humans when they stand on their hind legs. So, these giant dogs are elegant in their temperament and gait.

2. Exercise is a Must Need

   Great Danes need daily activity. They must do energetic walks of appropriate length per day. Also, remember that Great Dane puppies are more energized and should be exercised consistently. Adult Great Danes are great jogging companions. But waiting until they get two years old is essential because if they run into puppyhood, it can damage their bones.

3. This Breed Follows Their Noses

   These dogs tend to follow their noses because they were used for hunting boars in ancient times. If Great Danes get a scent, they will follow it. So, it is necessary to secure the fence completely, and they must walk on a leash. Also, they are excellent guard dogs.  

4. These Dogs Love Sports

   Great Danes are strong and smart working canines. Also, they are amazing competitors in dog sports such as Tracking, Flyball, Agility, Weight pulls, and Obedience.

5. Low Life Expectancy

   The greatest tragedy is their short lifespan. Unfortunately, Great Danes live just eight to ten years. But these ten years are definitely worthy of love.   

6. National Dog of Germany

   In 1876, Great Danes were called the national dog of Germany. Germany banned all other names and stipulated the sole name should be “Deutsche Dogge.”

7. They have Massive Paws

   The most prominent feature of Great Danes is their massive paws. The size of these dogs’ paws is an average man’s hand while splayed.

8. Sleep 16 to 18 Hours Daily

   Mostly, dogs sleep 13 hours daily. But Great Danes beat them by 3 hours, which makes them the laziest dog breed. Usually, Great Danes love to sleep and are often called couch potatoes.

9. Weigh 1 to 2 Pounds at Birth

   Typically, small and medium-sized breeds weigh almost 0.15 pounds at birth. But Great Danes have 1-2 pounds at birth. Just think about what they will weigh when they reach adulthood. Learn more!

10. Great Danes Reach their Full Size in Three Years

   Some Great Danes have grown in 2 years, but mostly, it takes three years to reach their large frames. While mostly small breeds reach their full size until one year.

11. Highly Affectionate and Social

   Great Danes need affection and are great family pets. Socialization with people is essential for them. These dogs have patient, gentle, and sweet temperaments. Also, Danes are great with kids, while some other dog breeds must be taught to be left alone with children.

12. Proper Training is Necessary

   It is essential to be properly socialized and must obey commands, especially for this big and powerful dog breed. Fortunately, Great Danes are friendly and love training but beware of the stubborn ones. If you purchase Dane from a reputable breeder, then it will ensure good socialization.

13. Big Needs

   As Great Danes are big dogs and can cost more than small dogs, including feeding, medical needs, and other necessities. If you decide to owe a Dane into your life, be ready for big spending.

14. Originate for Boar Hunting

   Great Danes are the perfect boar-hunting dogs. It is created by combining multiple breeds, including Mastiffs for muscles, Irish Wolfhounds for height, and Greyhounds for speed. But in this era, they are companion pets.

15. Seven Official Colors

   Great Danes have seven official colors: Brindle, Black, Merle, Fawn, Blue, Harlequin, and Mantle. That makes them unique dog breeds in the world.

16. Apollo of Dogs and Gentle Giants

   A Great Dane named Zeus measured 1.118m (44”), the tallest dog in the world. But Great Danes are the second tallest dog whereas Irish wolfhound claim to be the largest dog breed.  

17. AKC Rank these Dogs for Working Group

   However, Great Danes are lazy but used for boat hunting and ranked as a part of a working group. These days most Danes are companion pets; some are used for working as service animals due to their large frames. If you want to learn more, Service Dog Project will assist you.

18. Great Dane Puppies can eat more than Ten Cups of Food Daily

   Luckily, Great Dane’s intake minimizes when they are fully grown. But puppies eat more than adults because they need the energy to support their muscles and overall health. So, adult Great Danes eat less than fast-growing pups. Click here to learn How much to feed a Great Dane puppy.

19. Great Danes are Bigger than they Look

   Great Danes appear to be lean and long. Also, they have extra muscles in their body that make them powerful and fuller. So, when they reach their full size, they become bigger than an average human. Learn more about Great Danes growth.

20. State Dog of Pennsylvania

   Great Danes were named a state dog breed of Pennsylvania in 1965. You can also find a different painting of the state founder William Penn with Great Danes.

21. Puppies should Avoid Hard Exercise

   Great Dane puppies must avoid hard exercises because of their fat growth rate. Hard exercises can lead to bone and joint injuries that would disable them in the future. So, appropriate exercise is necessary for Great Dane puppies.

22. Common Health Concerns for Great Danes

   Sadly, Great Danes are prone to health issues such as Bloat, Hip Dysplasia, and more. Bloat is also known as Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, a deadly disease for this dog breed. Still, no ultimate cause of bloat is found, but methods of prevention can cure it. Want more information about bloat or GDV?  

23. Minimal Grooming

   These dogs have short, smooth hair that needs minimal grooming compared to long-haired dogs. So, an occasional brushing and bath are required to maintain the coat. Want more to know about Dane grooming?  

24. Marmaduke and Scooby Doo

   The popular characters Marmaduke and Scooby doo are Great Danes. So, Danes are a very interesting, intelligent, and loving breed.


Is Great Dane a good family dog?

   When Great Danes trained for obedience in puppyhood, they made excellent family pets. These dogs are known for their gentle personality and friendly and calm nature.

Do Great Danes like to be held?

   Great Danes are fond of cuddling and are known as gentle giants. They love to snuggle with the people they like and do not live without them.

What is special about a Great Dane?

   Great Danes were bred for working dogs as boar hunters 400 years ago. Typically, Great Danes are known for courage, alert dogs, friendliness, swiftness, and dependability. These dogs have elegant appearances due to body lines and squared-jawed heads.

What two dogs make a Great Dane?

   Great Danes are a lineage of Irish wolfhounds and Mastiff. Also, this dog breed is very ancient.     

Can Great Danes be left alone?

   Most Great Danes need short walks daily and are couch potatoes. However, some can be destructive when alone.

Are Great Danes talkative?

   These dogs are incredibly friendly with lots of traits. Great Danes are very talkative and love to speak with the humans they love.

Wrapping Up

   Ultimately, Great Danes are excellent family pets and love the company of humans. These are highly affectionate and love to express their feelings by hugging, cuddling, and licking. So, if you want to buy a Great Dane, be ready for a big budget because big dogs have big needs. I hope you are ready to owe a Great Dane.    If you find this blog helpful, share it with your friends. Also, for any questions, you can comment below. I’d love to answer. Thanks for reading!

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