How Much Does it Cost To Feed a Great Dane In 2023?

Great Dane is an enormous dog and is one of the friendly dog breeds. It is the best friend of humans and is very loyal. But how much does it cost to feed a Great Dane? As these are the largest dog breeds, you can think that the feeding cost of a Great Dane is much higher than an average dog. Typically, feeding an adult Great Dane costs almost $70 to $100 per month.

   This dog breed requires complete nutrient food to meet its dietary needs and prevent health problems in the future. Moreover, food quantity depends on activity level, size, and age. It is crucial to understand the best diets for Great Danes. And what you have to feed puppy and adult Great Danes.

Great Dane Feeding

   All dogs have unique qualities. However, there is no surprise that Great Danes eat more than an average dog. Despite their massive size, Great Danes have calm temperaments with balanced energy levels. Therefore, they will consume more food than a typical dog, but it won’t be as much as you think.  

   Although, each dog’s activity level is different. A fully-grown adult Great Dane consumes almost 6 to 10 cups of food daily. Also, the number of cups can vary by 30% due to differences in Great Dane’s metabolic rate.

   It might feel like that is a lot of food, but in reality, this food quantity is much lower than other dog breeds on a calorie basis. Also, dogs’ most common calorie recommendation is 25-30 calories per pound.

Then What is the Right Amount of Food to Give a Great Dane?

   Well, examine the Great Dane’s body structure. If the ribs seem pretty clear, then they might need more food. Also, reduce their food a bit if you cannot clearly see the last rib. You should divide the cups into small portions, observe if it impacts Dane’s structure, and repeat the portion adjustments if required.

   Furthermore, consult the veterinarian if you are unsure about Great Dane’s weight. The vet will examine the health issues that might cause an imbalance in weight.

Feeding a Great Dane Puppy

Feeding a Great Dane Puppy

   Great Dane puppies grow faster. They reach above 100lbs in just 6 months. So, monitoring your puppy’s growth is essential because excessive food and rapid growth can lead to severe diseases such as joint issues, hip dysplasia, etc. Also, free feeding is harmful to Great Danes. Letting your pup chow down on so much food at once is not a good idea.

   You must not feed your Great Dane puppy a “puppy diet.” As there are high fat and protein content are present in the puppy diet, which is the primary source of rapid growth. Great Danes have an extremely sensitive stomachs. That means puppies are more prone to diarrhea, so never feed them low-quality food.

   Therefore, it is essential to feed your Great Dane puppy well. Your Great Dane puppy’s food cost will vary depending on the quality of the food. Instead of repeating this topic, I will refer you to our devoted guide on Feeding the Great Dane puppy for any further information.  

What are the Monthly Food Cost to Feed a Great Dane puppy?

   The monthly average price of feeding a Great Dane puppy is between $30-$70. High-quality dog food is costly, up to $120 monthly.

What are the Yearly Food Cost to Feed a Great Dane puppy?

   You can expect to compensate almost $360-$800 yearly for your Great Dane diet. You can spend up to $1200 yearly for your puppy’s food from high-quality brands.

Feeding an Adult Great Dane

Feeding an Adult Great Dane

   That’s obvious; adult Great Danes eat more than puppies. Also, do not feed your adult Great Dane puppy food. The price depends on the brand and food quality of your purchase.

How much does monthly Food Cost for an Adult Great Dane?

   Depending on the diet, the monthly food cost for an adult Great Dane ranges from almost $30 to $70. As we told you before, premium brands will cost more, up to $110 monthly.

How much does Yearly Food Cost for an Adult Great Dane?

   The average price for adult Great Dane food will cost almost $250-$800 yearly. You might pay up to $1100 yearly for high-quality brands.

Free Feeding Great Danes

   Mostly, Great Danes are not greedy eaters. It’s not suggested to free-feed them. Since it is essential to control their growth by managing their food intake. So, do not let your Great Dane eat anytime. Moreover, a smooth growth schedule prevents your pooch from getting overweight.

   Being overweight harms a dog, especially for giant breeds such as Great Danes. Extra weight develops joint issues that are already a disease in giant breeds.

   While free feeding also leads to bloating. Bloating triggers in Great Danes due to laborious exercise immediately after a meal. The meal stays on top when you feed your Dane 2 to 3 times daily. So, free feeding your dog means they can eat at any time. That’s not an ideal situation.

   Thus, free feeding cause bloating, which is a deadly disease. You must not over-feed your pooch and exercise your Great Dane after 2 hours of a meal.

Great Dane Dietary Needs

Great Dane Dietary Needs

   A Great Dane needs almost 2500 to 3000 calories daily. Many choices are available for your Great Dane diet, such as raw, kibble, etc. All it takes is ensuring that your dog gets the proper amount of calories and nutrients for healthy development.

1. Kibble

   Kibble is an excellent food for Great Danes. It is affordable, provides all nutrients, and does not require any preparation. Go for the kibble that contains high protein and healthy fats, almost 350 to 450 calories a cup.

   Choose a diet with almost 12% fat and 23% protein. Also, consult the veterinarian for food recommendations. Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are also essential in a Great Dane diet. If you want to purchase the best kibble diet for your Dane, click here.

2. Raw Diet (BARF)

   The other is a raw diet known as BARF (Bone and Raw Food). It is more costly than kibbles and might maximize your pup’s average feeding cost. Every dog parent wants the best for their canines. Although raw diets need more nutritional information, the owner must ensure that his dog gets enough nutrients.

   Also, a raw diet takes time to prepare. To maximize the annual cost, you must prepare raw vegetables and bones to make a balanced and nutritional diet.  

What is the Feeding Frequency for Great Danes?

   You should feed your Great Dane such a diet to gradually attain its total weight and size. It will also avoid multiple health issues such as Painful Metacarpals, Bowlegs, etc. Feed your Great Dane a rich protein and calorie diet to ensure healthy and strong growth. You must invest in quality foods that are specially made for giant breeds.

   Great Dane puppies should grow gradually, and they will become active at two years old. Veterinarians recommend feeding your Dane in portions all over the day. Consider feeding your Great Dane puppies in elevated food bowls. Also, ensure your dog always has access to clean water.


How much does it Cost to Feed a large Great Dane?

   Feeding your large Great Dane a premium dog diet and healthy treats is essential. Typically, it costs almost $20 to $60 monthly and $250 to $700 yearly.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Dog Food or make Dog Food?

   Preparing dog food is more expensive than purchasing kibble. You can pay only $25 per kibble bag for your Great Dane weekly. But preparing your own dog food can charge more than $10 daily. Also, it depends on your Great Dane size and ingredients price.

What Food keeps Great Dane full?

   Treats including celery, cucumber, broccoli, and carrots keep Great Dane full. You can also boil these ingredients to eradicate insoluble fiber. Remember that if your Great Dane is allergic to these treats, never feed your dog.

What Dog Food do most Vets Recommend?

   Brands such as Royal Canin, Purina ProPlan, Hill’s Science Diet, and Eukanuba are recommended by veterinarians.

What Food makes a Great Dane Happy?

   Chicken, lamb, fish, beef, and duck are rich in protein and made up of amino acids. These amino acids play a vital role in Great Dane’s overall health and give them positive energy to remain active all day.

Wrapping Up

   Ultimately, Great Danes are known for their huge size and power. The diet you select for your Dane must contain healthy and balanced nutrients including proteins, vitamins, fats, and minerals. Thus, there are many things to consider when feeding a Great Dane. While a high-quality and nutritional diet might be expensive but save bills on health.

   So, feed your four-legged friend a good diet for healthy development. I hope this article helps you a lot. If you still have any questions, comment below. I will answer as soon as possible. Also, share this guide with your friends. Thanks for reading!

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