Why Do Great Danes Bury Their Heads? (6 reasons)

Do you ever wonder why your Great Dane buries his head into you? Well, a Great Dane buries its head under its owner for both bad and good reasons. Several causes are behind this behavior, such as showing affection to their owners and seeking your attention. Also, they fear something and hide in your lap by burying your head.

   Your Great Dane burying you is an emotional moment. It is crucial to figure out what they are trying to tell you. So, let’s look at why Great Danes bury their head in their owners. Also, is this behavior something to be concerned about?

Is it Common for Great Danes to Bury their Heads in People?

   Absolutely it’s common, especially when they are with their favorite and trusted person, such as the owner. But you must know your Great Dane’s temperament to determine if it is normal for your pooch. But sometimes it is uncommon for a Dane to bury its head into a human, a dog who has done it since puppyhood varies from the Great Dane who recently adopted this behavior.

Head-pressing vs. Burying their Head

   It is essential to know the difference between burying their head into a human and head-pressing. It’s infrequent, but if a Great Dane presses his head against a flat surface or wall and holds on for a few minutes, it is head-pressing. It is not a good sign and is a medical issue, so consult the veterinarian immediately.

   When a Great Dane forces its head into your arm, leg, or lap, it is head burying. That behavior is totally normal.

Reasons Why Great Danes Bury Their Head into You

Reasons Why Great Danes Bury Their Head into You

   Here are the reasons that make Great Danes bury their heads into you:

  • Affection: When Great Danes are happy and excited, they bury their head into you to express love. This way, they get your scent in their noses, which helps them bond with you. However, dogs can’t pat their master for affection, so they bury their head into your arms or lap.
  • Showing Empathy: Great Danes are highly sensitive to human emotions. They will know when you feel frustrated, exhausted, sad, or anxious. If your Danes sense that you are sad, they will bury their head into you to support and comfort you. Just like hugging to make you feel good. So, empathy is also a reason for burying the head.
  • Anxiety: Great Danes bury their head if they feel anxiety or sense you are leaving them. It’s common for Danes to develop anxiety when they are far from their master. Burrowing happens when you go somewhere, so you must consult the vet or an expert to overcome anxiety in your pup.
  • Seeking Comfort: Dogs are excellent at picking different scents. If your Great Danes have a strong relationship with you, your scent will make them feel at ease. Sometimes, they bury their head into you to come close to the scent. Simultaneously, your Great Danes might want to be near you to feel safe. They feel protected for you and try to keep you safe. If you adopt a Great Dane, it might show this behavior even in the beginning.
  • Fearfulness: Sometimes, Great Danes will bury their head into you when they are scared and want to feel safe. For instance, dogs feel fearful during fireworks and thunderstorms. Also, the burrowing might happens when your pup is triggered by an action or sound that reminds them of abuse. If your Dane is adopted, show it love and eliminate the triggers to comfort it. However, the past might terrify them; that’s why your Great Dane buries its head into you as they think of it as a safe place.
  • Spreading its Scent: There is a scent gland in dogs’ faces that they use to mark your body with their scent. So, Great Danes bury their head in you to mark their scent and as a warning to other dogs that he is my human.

   There could be other causes for your Great Danes burying their head in you that is between you and your pup. That might not be positive or negative reasons. One could be that they want to play with you. The other includes they are alerting you or want to eat something.

   Ultimately, your Great Danes are trying to communicate with you. So, you must acknowledge what your pooch wants to tell you and hear your dog completely.  

Is Head Burying a Bad Thing?

   Head burying is absolutely not a bad thing. It depends on the basic reasons and issues. If your Great Dane is not sick, anxious, or afraid, then don’t worry. Even if your dog is suffering from them, still don’t take head burying as a bad thing, as it can take your focus on something that is probably bothering your Great Dane.

   In fact, burying head is a beneficial way to make a strong bond with your pup. Although, you should keep an eye on this behavior and address the problems. Suppose your Danes are constantly burying their head in you. In that case, you should observe this primarily when it is not related to showing affection or attention.

   It might be a sign that something is bothering your Great Danes. So, identify and eliminate the issues. For instance, it could be winter, and your pup is feeling cold. Dogs speak with their body language, so instead of just staring at them, use your hand and see if they are shivering. It will help you to examine their anxiety level.

   Certainly, having your Great Dane bury their head in you when you need love and support is the best feeling, and you should not discourage it. There is no better feeling than having your pooch comfort you when you are sad. And dogs know when to do it.

Do I need to correct this Behavior of my Great Dane?

   Absolutely not. Unless you know your Great Danes is burying your head out of stress or anxiety, it is okay to let them burrow. After all, they might make you or themselves comfortable.


What does it mean when my Great Dane Buries his head on me?

   Great Danes might bury their head to provide you comfort, feeling that you might be stressed or sad. Great Danes also bury their heads in you to seek protection and safety if they are afraid or worried. Both situations build a strong bond between you and your pooch.

Why does my Great Dane Hide his Head between my legs?

   It might give your Dane a great home and a place to hide; that’s why it is burying head in your legs. Also, it could be due to anxiety or happiness. A nervous dog might try to hide somewhere safe.

Why does my Great Dane Hide its face while sleeping?

   Great Danes communicate through their body language. However, they cover their nose or hide their faces to tell you about their behavior.

Why do Great Danes like to Bury their Heads?

   Great Danes bury their heads in their master for various negative or positive reasons. Although, the most common reasons are anxiety and showing love.

Wrapping Up

   Ultimately, you should not worry if your Great Danes bury their heads in you. It is the way to show you how much they love and care for you. Also, sometimes it can be anxiety, and your dog might try to communicate with you. You should pay attention to your pooch and find out what it is trying to tell you.

   Also, there is no need to discourage this behavior as it strengthens the connection between you and your four-legged friend. I hope this article helps you a lot. If you have any questions, comment below. I’d love to respond. Share it with your loved ones. Thanks!

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